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Elizabeth Taylor        Via Christie's

"Movies, men, melodramas; a lust for life." That was one of the things they said about Elizabeth Taylor.  Something about this very glamorous woman, her passionate living, her disregard for the rules in love, fashion and her commitments, always struck me.  She loved sparkly things, so of course I enjoyed that, but her commitment to her AIDS Foundation, supporting a cause that many were once afraid to be associated with, is so admirable, very brave.  I admire that she left a strong legacy.  It made me think about my own,  what is it I would want to be known for?  Her legacy drew many people to the auction of her estate...I would have liked a piece of it, for when I need to be reminded of strength,

A_citrine_diamond_and_white_gold_ring_d5500215hCitrine diamond and white gold ring




diamond and rose gold ring


Romance, being in love....

A_diamond_and_18k_gold_bracelet_by_cartier_d5500430hdiamond and gold Love bracelet



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