Goodbye Belgium...


Belgium was so sweet to me.  He had seen my distress, was worried for my emotions.  He knew that what was whirling around me was untrue, undeserved.  He felt protective of me.  He thought that what I needed was to get away.  To be among friends, a beautiful setting, a bit of adventure and of course a bit of what brightens every girl's day - shopping.  He took care of me and provided me a safe place to go.  He knew what I needed without me having to say it.  He knew what I needed without me having to ask.  I thank him for that, I appreciate him for that.  Because if I have to ask, you are not the man for Marlo....



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"If I have to ask you are not the man for Maro"......I love it!!....


Oh such a beautiful man to know what you needed, I'm still waiting for that.

Aww, sweet! Does he have a brother? LoL

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