Sequins & what sparkles most of all


It was so interesting to see how quickly we could move past the absurd, to the wonderful and truly lovely.  How we could so easily grow apart and stay divided over things like labels, height and safari style.  Then, just as easily we could come together.  And once we did, there was no division, there were no differences.  We all felt the same thing - love and gratitude.

It is hard to describe really.  The children, naturally precious.  They are God's most beautiful designs.  And your heart breaks when they are not given the most basic things all children need.  There is no feeling quite like knowing that you could easily love them, take care of them, nurture them, but then have to leave them behind.  To see their happiness at the very little they receive and not being able to give them even more.  Each of us wanted to grab them all, each of us wished for magic - the ability to change their lives in an instant. 

We couldn't.  What we could do is treasure them and hold on to the look in their beautiful eyes.    And I will treasure sharing that moment with everyone who was along...



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That was beautiful..

Marlo! I enjoyed the show yesterday.. You were fabulous of course!

Keep up the Good work.. Blessings to you and all that you do!

You are so ignorant and probaly wont post this comment but I swear the more they show you, the less appealing you become. From "making it rain" in the club to telling the girls they need a perm, you have clearly show how classless you are. You pretend to be a high and mighty diva but your behavior shows you are just a rachett chick from the hood. You are so disguisting to me and I cant wait until they take you off the show.

It's amazing the unity that LOVE holds...

Marlo, I understand why you reacted toward Sheree that way, you were letting her know you are not to played with. Sometime we have to get out of character to let a bitch know. I hope to see more of you in the media, if not television, write a book or something. Stay Strong Sista.

Amen! God Bless

Last Sunday's episode may have been my favorite of the season! I literally had tears in my eyes when you all were spending time with the children, laughing and dancing and enjoying them. That was so beautiful.

This post was beatiful. It shows that under the clothes and the hair is a heart. Which im glad of becase I love the clothes and the hair!! As far as making it rain in the club that is a CULTURAL THING!! AFRICANS MAKE IT RAIN AT PARTIES< FUNERALS

Hey Marlo, making it rain in the club is normal. And watching Sheree squirm was a little delightful. I was taken back by the sequin pants on the safari (it just seemed uncomfortable and overtop for the occassion) but I remeber this IS T.V. People take what they see (scripted) literally. I do wonder, if you always mentioned your fashions being great find from TJMaxx or Ross, would you still be considered as a bragger. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

Marlo, I do not like you. I think you are very mean spirited and cruel. The whole situation with Sheree was absolutely ridiculous. YOU WERE NOT INVITED. What part of that is difficult for you to understand? When you are not invited somewhere, just accept it with dignity and grace. Two traits that you do NOT have.
Grow up.
Also, I challenge you to go for one day without cursing, showing off or boasting about your material items. I DOUBT THAT YOU COULD DO IT.

I wish you all the best Ms. Hampton... Most of all i wish for you to accept christ and his path back to God(Salvation) and allow his word to cleanse your ways...I also wish for true healing/peace in your life...Inspite all the negative thts shown about you God loves you and i do too...Much love from my camp...

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