Travel & the Essentials....

What I love about travel is the change, the chance to experience something new, to temporarily forget where you are.  What I don't always love is the preparation, the stress.  Trying to get everything done by a certain time.  And packing!  Deciding what you need, what you can't live without, what is just too much.  I admit that not a lot fell in the too-much-pile when I packed for South Africa!  But here is what I do when I want to keep it simple...

Top: A grey James Pearse t-shirt is perfect for layering and grey is almost neutral.

Bottom: black Wolford leggings are great for underneath chunky knit sweaters or an oversized blazer and of course so comfortable on a flight.

Jeans: distressed Joe's skinny jeans are versatile and easily dressed up.  I love them with very tall heels.

Evening: It's easy to pack a stretchy black dress, something fitted with long sleeves when it's cold.  I also love how a cropped military jacket with skinny jeans can give a little edge but still be sexy.

Intimates: I like a one piece even better than a top and bottom.  A little bit of lace...I prefer black, but sometimes I find something really beautiful in a dark jewel tone and I love it.

Coat: It's winter and there's a chance of rain.  A Gryphon trench with a leopard print belt is almost like a dress by itself.

Hand Bag: Obsessing over Victoria Beckham's bags, but for now I rotate my classics, black or beige.

Shoes: Heels of course, Brian Atwood, always a little unusual.

Accessories: A long triple strand of pearls has been my stand-by for years, but I have been eyeing Kelly Wearstler's accessories, reminiscent of her design aesthetic.

Watch:  Presidential Rolex in gold.

Glasses: Oliver Peoples, large frames.

Scent: Always Clive Christian.

My lip: Mac "snob," this pink can be worn casually with a little gloss or matte for a red carpet look.

This is my simple, easy, routine.  What is yours?






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I like the entire wardrobe set. You never share! LOL

I love that you've shared some of your staples, esp. that gorgeous pink lip color that is your signature! Thanks for this! :-)

Marlo had a thought, design a handbag or something? MH collection... use the gifts God has given to you to leave a legacy here with your name on it. Triumph to Praise! I know what u meant by GOD.....

I love "Snob" by MAC. I wear it all the time :)

Hello Ms.Marlo, U don't know me but I just want to tell u that i think that u are a bad chick . Now i am going to say this u was a girl friend of my brother Tucker that lived in ST.Petersbrug i just wanted u too know not everybody dislike u..

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