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Old Bay & crab legs


Those of you who follow me on Twitter, will know one of the defining features of Marlo: my love for Old Bay Seasoning on everything, but particularly on crab.  The taste of it makes me feel comfort and joy and gratitude.  Valentino, Old Bay and crab legs - the perfect mix of moving forward but always keeping with me the comfort of home.  What is your favorite mix?


Procession in Blue


There was so much, in addition to a lot of blue.  I immediately realized that everyone's perception of a grand, luxurious event is COMPLETELY different. I prefer a touch of elegance, not a sea of blue.

Style tip by Marlo: Dress to your mood, then let one thing go....

The procession, however, a high note, this is surely the way to enter a room!




Looking Back


The photographs tell my story better than the things I hear.  I looked at a lot of them recently, from all different moments in my life.  There were valleys and there were peaks.  The photographs remind me of the times when there was laughter and the signs of who I would become.  The sunflower on my straw hat - an early glimpse of a fashionista in training!

I will share more of them with you as well as stories from my earlier life.  Mine will be the official record, the full picture of Marlo...


Zac Posen and me...

What a night!  Daniel and I were treated to a beautiful show at Neiman Marcus the other day.  It was the National Black Arts Festival's annual Fine Arts and Fashion Benefit for the Visual Arts Program.


Thank you Robert Ector for capturing my Oscar de la Renta dress,

Christian Louboutin Pigalle heels and

Jimmy Choo Candy clutch.




And for capturing how the draping of  Zac Posen's dresses

beautifully accentuate a woman's curves



The movement of fabrics can be


A show in itself!

Yes, she did fan that dress right in front of me...






 Hello Zac!





  A great talent, and only 31!



Y'all are so nosy!


Some of you were curious to know.  Who is Dave?  I was planning on keeping that a secret, but I suppose I do have to tell.  He's a friend.  More?  How do you know Dave?  We were introduced.  And?  Who introduced you?  Another friend.  But who is the other friend?

Sigh...okay.  What you may not know about me is that I have quite a few friends who like myself, are committed to charitable work.  Often, you will find me at events in support of these causes, to help with fundraising and whatnot.  It was at such an event, that the friend who organized it mentioned to me that she thought Dave and I should meet. 

We met, he was a gentleman and I brought him along as my date to a party.  Dave is a lovely man and I am glad to have met him.  But ladies, in life, as we become more mature, we choose partners who we believe offer a little something extra.  When you find that, you always know it was worth waiting for.  So I'm enjoying myself for now, patiently waiting, for fire...



Sorry, sooo very late!

My favorite labels surprised me this season.  I watched not so much for what I would incorporate into my own closet, but more out of interest for the craft and artistry of beautiful design.



I loved the new silhouettes of Chanel


a fresh take  on the boyfriend blazer

Chanel 2

And then there is the kind of design that tells a story and offers a bit of drama,

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton

Naturally I was won over by the porter carrying the lady's bag...


Especially when the lady knows how to make an entrance!


You may have seen a few pics already, but I can't wait to share with you some highlights from the private Zac Posen viewing I attended at Neiman Marcus!






Via newmillfordctpress

Today I learned a new word, 

schadenfreude \SHOD-n-froy-duh\ , noun: A malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others.  I learned that when people around you do not mean you well, you must not give them the tools with which they can trip you up. 

Some time had passed since my mistake.  To be honest, I had hoped that with it all taking place on a different continent, maybe it would not have traveled back home.  There I was, all dressed up and ready to play - I expected the evening only to be fun.  But she had been waiting. To look at it now, she had it all planned out.  She had as fast as she could made sure to tell on me, and like a vulture circling its prey, she had chosen the optimal time to strike - when I least expected it and was defenseless.

I did not want to lie.  I wanted the opportunity to explain and to say sorry.  But I couldn't, because she was there, gloating, so eager to bring my mistake to light.  I felt ambushed, backed into a corner.  Her smiling face was so hateful, so cunning.  What strikes me, looking at it now, is that her friend is not even her concern.  In her enthusiasm to set me up, she actually delighted in the pain that my actions had caused him.  And as I watched her eyes sparkling with the taste of revenge, I chose to take her sense of schadenfreude away a little bit by denying what happened.  I could not, in front of her, so thirsty to embarress me, admit to my mistake.

But I never forgot that I made a mistake, I never forgot my guilt.  I left the party and immediately called Miss Lawrence.  I admitted to my mistake and I apologized for hurting him.  Like a true friend he listened and he was open to receiving my apology.  He forgave me.  For that I love him.  He did not rejoice in seeing me stumble.  He does not take malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.  For that I respect him.



Fashion Week Fall RTW 2012 Part III

Olivier Rousteing has edited the Balmain jacket a bit,

but its new lines have remained sexy. 

I look forward to all he will bring to the house....





These colors and textures are begging to be paired with....

Carven Shorts


These Louis Vuitton Booties in my Closet


This tailoring, this palette!

Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann


Here I give a tour of my closet, 

and receive the invitation to South Africa...

via Essence.com

What memories could I make

in this?



Not to worry, I have saved the best for last.

My favorite looks from

Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton are coming.




Runway Photos Via Style.com


Makeda Reclining


The Queen of Sheba reclining in garden


And thus a trip of a lifetime came to an end.  I traveled to Africa, I sought out wisdom, I brought gifts.  It was the beginning of a journey for me, one with many questions and the hope of finding answers.  I reflected on the richness of this opportunity and of our history, while reclining, like Sheba in the garden.

The Queen of Sheba, who hailed from Ethiopia, and was ruler of Arabia (10BC), was a seeker of truth and wisdom.  In search of it, she would travel to Jerusalem to meet King Solomon so she could test his wisdom and knowledge with questions and riddles.  She would bring frankincense, myrrh, gold and precious jewels.  He would teach her about Yahweh, and she would become a follower, a Christian.  She would have a son and he would become the emperor of Ethiopia.  From her came a long line of Ethiopian Kings.

Who would think I would be here, the place where we ruled and where we were kings, who would think I could have this experience?  And as I reclined, like Sheba in the garden, I wondered: could our future return to the magnificence of our past?







The little black dress

  ChanelloungingChanel Reclining by Horst

I am as drawn to her style as I am her story.  That she was raised in orphanages, abandoned by her father, immediately solidifies the connection.  That during this time she learned to sew, to make pretty things and find a way to create beauty where there wasn't any, I understand.  That she would start a hat business, a small, but successful one, way back in the 1920s, when women did not work, or own businesses - unexpected. But that she would go on to transform women's fashion in a way that still today is unique, timeless, effortless style, that is magnificent.

The story of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel made a lasting impression on me when I discovered it.  I love her clothes, but more than that, I love her strength.  It reminds me of what can be done when we believe in ourselves.  How we can master our own destiny.  My three strands of pearls are witness...