Makeda Reclining


The Queen of Sheba reclining in garden


And thus a trip of a lifetime came to an end.  I traveled to Africa, I sought out wisdom, I brought gifts.  It was the beginning of a journey for me, one with many questions and the hope of finding answers.  I reflected on the richness of this opportunity and of our history, while reclining, like Sheba in the garden.

The Queen of Sheba, who hailed from Ethiopia, and was ruler of Arabia (10BC), was a seeker of truth and wisdom.  In search of it, she would travel to Jerusalem to meet King Solomon so she could test his wisdom and knowledge with questions and riddles.  She would bring frankincense, myrrh, gold and precious jewels.  He would teach her about Yahweh, and she would become a follower, a Christian.  She would have a son and he would become the emperor of Ethiopia.  From her came a long line of Ethiopian Kings.

Who would think I would be here, the place where we ruled and where we were kings, who would think I could have this experience?  And as I reclined, like Sheba in the garden, I wondered: could our future return to the magnificence of our past?







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Deep Marlo...

Written very well! Blessings...

I think our future can and will return to the greatness of our past!
I'd love to take a trip to South Africa! I've been to Ghana..... also on my list is Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt!

Marlo, yes girl, your outward apperance in soooooo Fab!!!!! But, let's keep it real, you were not a bit worried about our Mother land. You were so consummed in your outer apperance that you could not even indulge in the greatness of the moment. Marlo, I am like you. My parents left me at birth and I used to try to validate my existance by my apperance of success. Beauty fades, friends leave, and then you are there by yourself, lonley. It sadened me to hear you say that you go into your closet to be with your things for comfort. Girl, you better get on your knees and go to God because, trust me. He is the only one that can help us find validity in this world. No one or nothing. Be Blessed

Love this post!

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