Y'all are so nosy!


Some of you were curious to know.  Who is Dave?  I was planning on keeping that a secret, but I suppose I do have to tell.  He's a friend.  More?  How do you know Dave?  We were introduced.  And?  Who introduced you?  Another friend.  But who is the other friend?

Sigh...okay.  What you may not know about me is that I have quite a few friends who like myself, are committed to charitable work.  Often, you will find me at events in support of these causes, to help with fundraising and whatnot.  It was at such an event, that the friend who organized it mentioned to me that she thought Dave and I should meet. 

We met, he was a gentleman and I brought him along as my date to a party.  Dave is a lovely man and I am glad to have met him.  But ladies, in life, as we become more mature, we choose partners who we believe offer a little something extra.  When you find that, you always know it was worth waiting for.  So I'm enjoying myself for now, patiently waiting, for fire...



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Diva you're such a Boss! I delight in partaking in your words of wisdom. You validate those of us who made early missteps. (SN: #SisIDoubtYoullHaveToWaitMuchLonger :)

Also, how can we find out more about your Glam It Up events?

We'll Ms. Marlo glad you have clarified that for all the noisey people. I think I need to join some charities, maybe I'll see a "Dave". Have Fun

Melissa, thank you for asking about Glam It Up. I usually post events on Facebook and Twitter, but will be sure to start adding them to my blog as well. Some of the girls I have worked with through Glam It Up are doing the ATL Celebrity Kids Fashion Show on May 12th!

Dave was a cutie pie nonetheless. Thanks for filling us in. ;-) Of course, we were wondering!

P.S. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog?!!

I am with Ms. Tonya above...maybe I need to attend a few charities and meet a "Dave" as well. lol

Marlo, I don't know you personally. All I do know is that what I have seen of you-your spirit exhumes a positive spirit--I like. :) Much success to you in life.

Well said

I like you upbeat words and letting us see another side of you totally fab. Best wishes always,Tiffany in Ohio

Do it girl. People need to broaden their horizon. You cant make it to the next level if you're still hanging with the same crowd. You have to surround yourself with people that will help elavate you to the next level Ijs

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