Center 25

Crab Leg Fest

I thought Nene's instructions were clear: say what you feel, because she will say what she feels.  How then, did you end up apologizing?  The good thing about being grown: knowing which friendships to keep and which to never get started...

Steve Harvey; the center stone is 25??  Take notes boys, I might even accept 10...




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lol @ the title of this post. i love it. ;-)
that ring was blinding and just stunning!!!!
we miss u tho! Cant wait for next week!

Cynthia need to put on her grown lady panties....she should have simply owned what she said, whipped her hair and sashay away.

"How then did she end up apologizing!" I was thinking the same thing!!!!

There was no need to apologize for what you feel.. Cynthia is passive, aggressive.. Remember she does this with her sister, mother and husband ,so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. I like her.. But!

Oh yes! Marjorie's ring was ridic! I'm so looking forward to my 25?? karat ring! :)

Did u and nene fall out?

Marlo I think you are a beautiful woman and keep doing what youare doing and stay true to yourself. Those other women are fake and full of drama. I hope you and Nene stay friends and forget those wanna be smalls that are jealous(Sheree and Kim).We all have read about some of your pass online but let bygones be bygones and keep it moving to great things, I believe people do change and you are one of them. Girl wear your tiara and keep your head up forget those haters in haterville!

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