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Women's History Month has come to a close; I wanted to end it with my grandmother's story.  She is my Foster grandmother, but to me she's just my grandmother.  She did everything for me, never treating me any different than if I were her blood.  She and my grandfather, bought me my first car, a burgundy Plymouth Laser, then a new Honda Civic.  Later, when she thought my then boyfriend and I might get married, they bought me my first house. 

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One thing that describes my grandmother is her immeasurable strength.  I remember her at my grandfather's funeral: many of us somber or breaking down, but she was poised, her posture only projected strength.  Even in that moment, the sense of always being able to count on her, was strong.  There was never any question that if you needed her, she would be there and that she was at every moment still the backbone of the family. 

After the funeral, as everyone started to leave, services having come to an end, my grandmother stayed by my grandfather's side. They had purchased two spaces in a mausoleum, to be buried side by side. We expected her to leave with us, and for my grandfather to be placed, after we left.  But she would not leave his side until she was sure that he was placed exactly where they had planned.  Only then, when she was certain that he was taken care of, was her work complete..

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There are many things I can tell you about my grandmother.  She is 95, she is an Aquarius, she is a leader, she makes sound decisions, she is not wasteful - she even made her own clothes.  She is also the one you wanted to ride with if you were late for school - she would drop everything she was doing to make sure you got there fast and safe.  If you had an after school activity, she was always there - no questions asked.  My grandmother was a good wife, who has tremendous love for her family.  When my grandfather's sight failed him, she became his eyes.  She is patient. She is always understanding.

My grandmother has a quiet dignity, one that I hope to one day inherit.  She is an inspiration and she is my comfort.  She will forever have changed my life....





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Wow! How wonderful to be in the presence of so much wisdom. Some people don't realize how much we can learn from those who came before us and are still with us.

Extremely touching. It shows that you have been enriched by such a blessing in your life.

I see she has a fashion sense too. Thanks for sharing such inspirational story about your grandma.

Hi, that was very touching family so important I never got a chance to meet or know my big mommy but my mother wad my queen and will always live in my heart Ms. Marlo one day I hope to meet you until then may your many blessing keep pouring in take care

Goodness, I got choked up reading this (esp. when I got to the part about her strength at your granddad's funeral, and how she waited to make sure he was where he was supposed to be). Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman!!! God bless her!!!

She really is Yakini, I lean on her a lot...

Marlo, cherish her. My grandmother was my hero and I no longer have that in my life. She left me almost 11 years agi andI still can't fill the void.

I will Tanasia and remember, women like our grandmothers, they never leave. Their spirit lives inside you, you are never without her.

God bless her...such strength...so much love and devotion..
I am an Aquarius too-I know who we are, I totally get her!
We are loving, giving, honest, straight forward and loyal.
If we're on your side, you know, it's clear...you cross or betray us and you know your place with us-c'est simple....
May her days and her path always be guided by light of the almighty father.

That was truly touching, reminded me so more of my grandmother. We buried her 3 years ago on her 94 birthday. She was and still is the example of a strong women that had so much joy and peace about yourself. Cherish every moment

You are the most in-authentic person I've ever seen. I can't wait to see you as an old homeless lady. What are you going to do when you don't have your body to sell?

This is the example of a "Role Model". May God continue to bless your Grandmother.

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