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There is something to be said for letting things out in the moment you feel them, and then moving on from it right away.  The Smalls had clearly been holding a lot inside.  Though there were moments when they seemed to stand apart, in their attacks on Nene they  aligned from the start. 

I have to say, I was shocked that anyone would try to use children as a line of attack.  Isn't that bad etiquette to try to embarrass someone's child?  Though Nene read her nicely, still it should never have come to that.  Seems dangerous ground to tread when your own children are still young; who knows what the future might hold for them...

It was a spicy start to the proceedings, it only gets better...


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I thought that was so mean and below-the-belt when she went there!!! That was a good speech NeNe gave her, and all she could do was sit there and look silly. *smh*

So what's the deal Marlo...are you coming back to RHOA? I think you are a great compliment to the show.

Ohhhh...you know you have to wait patiently and see Summer!

Sweetheart, please. You are in no position to criticize anyone or anything. You see, I know YOU, and you know me. Let's just say I'm from your past, and I know everything you've done. You haven't an ounce of class, or tact so really just stop. Let me say, you'll see how beautiful Black women REALLY do it, on our own when our time has come. You're the lowest of low to call anyone a "whore". How de'classe. Work on your ettiquette a little more, but again, keep watching darling, we WILL show you how it's done. The funny thing is that WE did not have to prostitute ourselves out to gain recognition and money. We got our show just by being ourselves. Just proof Black women do not need to lower their standards or compromise our dignity, our image, our self worth just to appear on camera. Hope you had fun love!

Marlo your comments are always spot on. I love you and think you should have your own show. Anyone can buy nice things but you know how to wear them. All the ladies are envious of you. Keep it up girl!!!

Girl, I am glad someone put Kim back in her place! And Sheree has no room to talk about anyone!! She must have amnesia. She stole clothes out of a store when she was a teen & didn't get to finish school. So is she a reflection of her parents. I mean, that is what she told Nene.


Hi. Speaking of grievances, saw the show last night. You looked fabulous! As

usual. But what was most beautiful was your poise. A poise that clearly had to

have "DISTURBED" that Taurus. She called you a name. A name! I couldn't

believe my ears. The classy one of the show stooped to that. Huh? She didn't

call NeNe a name that time NeNe jumped in her face for producing Kim's

song TFTP. She didn't call Kim nor Kendra a name (on TV) for havin' her

daughter's name in their mouth as a comparison. But she calls you one? Me

o my, what truths did you touch on that struck a cord in that bull? Lol... Only the

truth can ENRAGE the ego to that degree. Yikes! And your pretty calm way of

delivering it made the bull's nostrils flair something AWFUL. She was brought

out of character, you weren't. To all my psychologists pals, that's a win! To the

average mind it might not be, cause it appears that she got away with calling

a person out-their-name. But higher minds know better.

What you did was kinetic. Ever studied "kineisiology?" Energy. Energy looks

for a host. When she attempted to EXPOSE you on national TV, talkin' 'bout

"what she heard...", you in turn talked about "what you heard..." You reversed

her intent, you sent that foul energy back to its source...with a smile, I might


You wanna get your psychological warfare oN wit' an Aquarius--the mentally

higher oCtive of the zodiac, better getcha study oN! I'd start with "The Art of

War," an excellent read!

And tell her, you're not a ho. "A ho" has indiscriminate sex with whomever,


whenever. You are very discriminating with whom you get wit'. And if she knew

the rates of "escorts" [what she called you], she'd know that they too [the

suitors] were/are

VERY discriminating when selecting whom they get wit'. Now this is just a

generalization, but, I sense that every woman wants to be wined and dined

and such...When you are the lady and you're the one sponsoring the wine &

dining, cause you're the one with the "most coins," some resentment could


shape when you encounter a woman that pays her way with no man. You're

right, it is a man's duty to "Provide & Protect," even Minister Farakhan

mentioned this in one of his lectures. He also said, "Romance without

Finance is a Nuissance."

Marlo, every woman secretly wants to be provided for and protected--no

matter how much dough she got. Don't let her fool you wit' dat "I'm an

independent so 'n so," yeah, whatever! No matter her fiscal wealth, she's

emotionally starving--watch her...watch how she moves. Point-in-Case: Ever

listen to Djehuty Ma'at-Ra on utube? The "dheatlhstore" guy. He's profound.

He has several videos up, but I forget which one in particular that it is where

he discusses Brandy. Another WB, by the way. Anyhoo, he and Brandy were

walking to a juice bar one day. Once in the shop he turned to her and asked,

"B, what you having?" She paused, then placed her order, then went to find a

booth to sit...."sit and cry." By the time he joined her in the booth, he was taken

aback...he couldn't understand why she was crying? When he asked, she

replied, "No one has ever bought me anything." Marlo, how profound. Here it

is, she is a millionaire! Clearly she could buy as many smoothies as she like

all on her own, she probably could buy the who franchise if she wanted

to...but a five dollar smoothie bought for her from a friend brought her tears.

Proof, that every lady, in some way, wants that. Not a "smoothie" per se...you

get the gist of the story. In it, can you now accurately assess Kandi's true

resentment towards you? Not just her--the rest of them too.

With Sheree, I would not have given her the satisfaction of thinking I'd be that

interested in going with her anywhere. What she said at the breakfast table

was that she had only invited K & P, why not leave it at that? Why, as an after-

thought, invite Cynthia? To divide up y'all three? That's divisive and messy.

Well, Karma does her duty, heard Bravo let Sheree go. NeNe if you're reading

this, I never knew it was you that rallied for her to get on the show...Wow, what

an eye-opener. And just like with Dwight, it was difficult for her to show

gratitude to him--it was definitely difficult for her to show gratitude to you. She

attempted to minimalize your part in facilitating her entry onto the show. Not


Because of you her's is a household name. That's quite the gift. Even if she

doesn't like you, she can suspend her ego for a minute to acknowledge what

you did for her. Capricorn's key phrase is "I Use," look it up if you I'm think


Oh, and Taurus' is "I Have," listen to how those two Taureans open their

lines at the opening of the show. We astro-lots over here always find it

interesting when the populace speak to their stars w/o even realizing it.


*pardon typos

Marlo I absolutely love you!!! I think you have a beautiful personality and fashions, and home. Sheree really hates Ne Ne and that was obvious when she talked about Brison like that. It's ok because in the end that just let every one know the type of person she is.I knew Sheree's character long ago. However every one should see now. I hope you come back to the show next season. Loooove how you got every one that needed to be straight, Straight!

Marlo again, you are a well kept woman on the screen and played your part. Perhaps you can stand to control your temper and choice of words.
It just so not lady like... and you seen to represent the diva world... :)

Again... invest in some grammar courses.. this website is chopped up with broken grammar, fragments, run on sentences and whew alot more..

Spend some of that money on that! Pay somebody.. ..
NOW THIS SITE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT.. I thought a 3rd grade wrote all of this..

You have to be accurate. I agree Sheree had no right to include NeNe's child in the conversation. You are correct in this point. But the way you have worded this blog post "The Smalls had clearly been holding a lot inside." then going on to say "I was shocked that anyone would try to use children as a line of attack. Isn't that bad etiquette to try to embarrass someone's child?" kind of makes it seem like The Smalls attacked NeNe's child and that was not the case. The remarks that were made were made by Sheree and need to be attributed to her and her alone.

None of you ladies are so close that one of you can speak to the feelings and intentions of the whole group. For example-- Can Cynthia speak for you? Should the slip up you had using the "F" word be attributed to all of The Talls?

I agree with your overall sentiment. I believe fights between grown women should stay between grown women and Sheree was WAY OUTTA LINE, but in your analysis of the events try to be fact based and fair.

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