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You can tell it had been bothering me.  That comment about the "hole."  It was so rude, so condescending.  And until now, I had not had the opportunity to speak on it.  So when I finally could, I did and it was a relief.

The thing is, I couldn't understand that of all people, the judgment would come from her.  You were a mistress and you have children by 3 different fathers.  Let me be very CLEAR so that we can all stay completely focused - this has nothing to do with the children, they are precious and innocents in all this.  This has to do with character.  I do not feel that this character, is in any position to speak about me and definitely not in that way. 

I do not fight on Twitter, making nasty comments about people, then try to hide by not using their handle.  When Marlo has something to say, she will tell you directly.  And sometimes direct talk can sting...


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You said what I was screaming at the television for the last THREE YEARS! Thank you for keeping it real. That woman has talked mess the entire time and NOBODY has called her on it.

I also appreciate that you did it in an even-tempered manner. :)

I think your great and true blue. You tell it like it is, you are always cordial to everyone and you have great style. Stay real lady :)

I know you won't allow this to be posted, but you are a trashy excuse for a lady. No wonder the so called "smalls" don't like you. You are a jealous "HOLE" and need to get a life. Quit hating on someone for growing up and moving on from the life that you still live. Get a job and get your own money. You talk about Candy being a suga momma when you ain't nothing but a suga digger! With time and age, looks fade, egos break but your HOLE still grows.

GET OFF OF the Housewives...no one wants you on there but Nene Leaks and look at what and who that trick is! BIOTCH

Hello Marlo! First of all, I wanna compliment you on your style. You always bring it everytime I see you on the show. And second of all, I'm so glad you read Ms. Kim...women are so quick to judge and worry about the next woman's sex life and past, when they themselves have done worse...keep doing you boo boo, and forget the haters! Keep killing them with the fashions hunny! XOXO

Some things are better out than in. You were 100% correct in addressing the issue with her and moving forward. In my opinion, you will bring class and FASHION to the show! I look forward to watching you in the future.

Best Wishes,


Marlo I am a fan I think your style is crazy. However you like me have a sharp tongue and use very coloful words. LOL As fabulous as you looked I could not understand why you would let Kim make you act that way. You are a beautiful Black woman please try to represent us like one. Things already known need not be explained Doll. Be well

You are all disgusting trash...disgused in designer clothes.

Thank you Marlo for setting that classless, alentless pig in a wig straight. Talk about glass houses...Kim is nothing more than useless garbage who thinks she is an A lister because she married a D list RACIST athlete who has no pride. And we all know that big popa is the one who bought the furniture that she has in her house...and yes she is a whore!!!
I am so glad that hard face trap jaw Sheree was FIRED....I been disgusted with her lying behind ever since she did not put Nene's name on the guest list at her party and lied about it afterwards, and didn't she try to pull off the pig's wig in season 2. Sheree is a delusional wannabe!!!

It was hilarious when you said "you are a whore", the stone cold look of terror on everyone's face in the room was saying "shit just got real."

Marlo...with all due respect, teach me everything you know! PALEASE.

I like the way you so eloquently put her in her place.

Marlo I am so glad that you let Kim have it! Kim has a case of amnesia since she has trapped Kroy with her pregnancy and all and now marriage. The fact that Kim says that she is married now makes her think that all is forgotten with her past not so Kim! I have questioned Kim character since season one on several levels.

I hope to see you back season 5 ... #TeamMarlo

Oh the double standard! Kim gets a free pass because she is Caucasian. I don't understand what gives her the right to make the accusations she does without an ounce of regard to her own choices and decisions she's made in the past. She'd like to delude us into believing that she is that good ole outstanding citizen, when we all know, she has had her share of doing what she had to do to stay in the game. I love you Marlo, I don't care what anyone says, you are a smart chicka! I love designer labels too, but two things I would like to see you tone down are one; constantly naming labels and of course hanging out with NeNe. She barely acts like a lady and is too loud. I strongly believe in the old adage, a lady is seen and not heard of-grace is everything in this life. People respect and take you seriously for it. Good luck Marlo! :o)

Yeah, that was truly the pot calling the kettle black. Im sure she even had to look back at that clip and just shake her head.

I LOVED you on the reunion. You said what you had to say - and kept it direct and grown-up. My fingers are crossed that you are back next season!!!! You added so much to the show.

I completely agree with everything you stated. Out of everyone on the show, neither you nor Cynthia came in with a negative attitude toward anyone.

Nene said something key about growth. The thing about growth is, never denying your past, but moving on from it in a fabulous way. You live, you learn, you do better and pray that God sustains you through it all. People will try to keep you in it, but you can be freed from it.

You seemed open to everyone on RHOA, and I enjoy you on the show. I look forward to seeing you back again (As reality tv is my only vice...ha!).



First let me say.. You looked Fab! I love your look from head to toe! :) Great job!

I think you handeled yourself well.. Good job Sis!

I learned alot from watching that reunion show.. that Kandi was a mess.. you cant buy class... Can you! LMAO! What was that outfit doing?? BOOOO!

Im sure we will be seeing much more of you.. Stay Blessed!

I'm rooting for you to hold that peach in season 5 of RHOA. If not hopefully you'll have a reoccurring guest spot. I like your style and think you are a gorgeous black woman with a great attitude. However you've got to control your temper. You did well on the reunion show when you cut Kandi's behind up but I like to see you tell it like it is with class and dignity. You've worked long and hard to get where you are so please don't get so angry and loud. Smooches and keep doing you, boo.

Just to see what the hype was about, I have watched the RHOA this season in pure disgust and to say that this program horrifies me...would be an understatement. I don't know how other people see this high drama filled mess but what I am seeing is a bunch of classless, inarticulate label whores acting badly. Nene and Marlo are definitely the most ignorant women on the show.

I live in Philly and I am a well educated women who socializes with other well educated women who possess style, grace and class. None of the ladies on RHOA possess any of these redeeeming qualities.

For Marlo to state on national TV a comment about a "hole" just shows how common and ignorant she actually is. Expensive clothes, purses and shoes do not a classy lady make.

My suggestion to Marlo is to get in touch with her humanity and strive to be someone that folks can look up to not someone people actually should run away from because of the craasness and crudeness of her behavior. After seeing you on this show, I am quite sure the real socialites of Atlanta won't be sending you anymore invites to posh events. I know if I lived in Atlanta you sure would not be invited to an party that I held.

I hope you can see that fabulous, you are not!!

This whole race card thing is so annoying, whatever. Kim's white, we get it. She's the only white one in the cast, and has black woman on her side in defense so please stfu and keep it real. Marlo has an insufferable mouth on her, acting like queen of the night with her designer labels she sucked to get. Don't be jealous of Kim for her happy home, beautiful husband and children. Because at the end of the day, you'll never be on her level. Let's breathe, stretch, shake, let it go. xx

o.m.gee... when you called Kim out, that made the entire season worth watching! Marlo, it was spell-binding. But, so was your hair. Your hair was laid for the gods. For the GODS!!

I love you! I think you are very classy! I love to see you with NeNe on the show, I can't believe that Kandi is so threatned by you! It is so clear that she want to be like you! Forget what anybody says we all have a past, you cleaned up very well!! I absolutely love me some Marlo!!

Marlo, I think your style is just speechless. Everyone on the show is jealous of you, including NeNe. You are stealing her spot light...You and Phedra are the true divas! Yes, Kim is a whore, Sheree needs to go under a rock and stay there and Candi, I sorta like her. Keep doing your thing boo...

Hello Marlo, I really like you on the show. I am glad that you are doing well for yourself. Keep aiming for the best in life for yourself.

I hope to see you next season.

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