A Family Story, in 3 Parts

TerrellVia AP

 The stories all have the same plot lines.  They may start with a lottery win, a professional sports contract, a platform in entertainment.  One person creates for themselves the opportunity.  One person makes sacrifices and works very hard for opportunity to come their way.   One person carries the weight, the pressure, the expectations, yet everyone feels they deserve the spoils.  The one who is working, struggling, and sacrificing, they want the opportunity so that they can share.  But simple math does get in the way. 

If only one person is earning and one person is dividing, giving as much if not more than they receive, eventually there is nothing left to divide.  The stories teach us that all money can come to an end.  All resources can be drained. 

I choose not to be that story. But that's only the beginning.  What happens after you make that decision, and how those around you react, is what comes next.  I will tell that story in 3 parts...



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I never have bought a lotto ticket,silly me lol. I work hard as well as my husband and that just barely gets us by. We're not rich but we are still greatly blessed..You stay blessed Marlo..and fierce lol..

Love you make no excuse enjoy your life you only live once. Take it all in with no regrets.

I wholeheartedly concur. Yes, Indeed.

I see, enjoy and live

I look forward to reading the rest.

Wait a minute is that t.o. Wow she has connections.

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