A Wonderful Mother's Day

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I had the best experience the other day.  With the help of the Frank and Wanda morning show, I was able to make two mothers very happy.  You often hear people say how rewarding it is to give, and I experience that joy every time.  It makes me grateful to be able to give and reminds me of my many blessings. 

We asked for women to tell us their stories and why they should win a beautiful handbag from me. We heard from mothers with special needs children, being role models by going to school full time, yet being devoted mothers and great wives.  Their husbands appreciating and admiring them. 

There were single mothers tending to sick children, unable to finish their own education, unable to take out time for a date, always taking care of others.  There were single mothers, struggling with their own illness, troubled children, never even having the time to cope, barely able to see their way through. 

There were magnificent women, strong women, devoted women, women finding strength when all of their resources are failing them.  I was so inspired and moved,  grateful that they would share their stories with me.  I want to thank you, all of you mothers, for all that you do for your families and all that you do to remind me everyday of the gifts we all have.  Thank you for allowing me to share a little piece of me with you.  I hope I made you smile...


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That was so lovely of you, Marlo!!
You're going to make some little boy or girl a wonderful mom one day.

i WISH IT WAS POSTED via web site, that way others could have applied? Congrads to the wonderful woman you choose.

Tonya, the goal was to reach women in Atlanta so that they could receive their gift in time for Mother's Day, but also, we announced it via the Frank and Wanda morning show, a much larger audience than my website. Many people had an opportunity to apply! Two special ladies were very very happy and I could not be happier for them...

That lady looks so familiar I just can't remember where I saw her at. I like her style though. She reminds me of one of my cousin from Atlanta.


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