Why Glam It Up?


Of course you all know what Foster Care means to me - where I went at age 11, later finding a family that took me in and treated me as their own.  But I may not have talked about those experiences and why it still matters to me now.

It is hard to describe coming into a home with strangers and being a child, innocent, not in charge of yourself, and dependent on people you do not know.  As with me, it sometimes takes time to find the right Foster home.  It was only after the fourth one that I found a true home.  Not everyone takes in a child and is able to treat them as if they are their own.  I was sometimes treated as an outsider, at one home, I was not even allowed a house key.  And since you are often in Foster Care, for a brief period, you may not be taught the life lessons that you will need when you are on your own.

Foster care, can also be the first time that you feel truly loved and cared for - like having my foster mother come to school meetings and being there for me in every part of my life. 

I founded my Glam It Up series because I know what is missing in a young girl's life, when she is not with her own family, and I know how easy it can be to forget to believe in yourself and to dream.  As best I can, I want to try to fill in these gaps and help young girls dream. 

I can tell from all of your kind messages, that your hearts are in this as well and that you share the spirit of Glam It Up.  That too, inspires me...



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I love you !!! I love your site ! I love the fact that behind the Chanel is real person && not some phony ! I love that you dont mind sharing details of your past that others would sweep under the rug!! You rock !!! Keep doing you <3

Im glad there are other people out there like me i took in 2 girls when i was 28 they were 9 & 11 i adopted them at 14 &16 after having my own BiO child and they are now 24 & 26 im a grandma and still their mom even though i foster a realtionship with their Bio moms. Im happy for u Marlo like i always tell my daughters u cant complain about the hand ur dealt you just have to play it the best way possible. I had a 3 year stint in foster care situatik. From 9-12 so i knew i wojld help in that way when i grew up because i wanted to treat girls as good as i was treated in my home! Excellent story! Follow me on twitter @MonijCEO doing great things now have a non profit where one of our missions ks to mentor at risk girl youth! Best wishes

I really, really love your Glam It Up program. I wish there was a branch in NYC as I'd definitely want to volunteer and be a part in some way. Beautiful, what you're doing!

U r a blessing to these young precious lives for doing this. And for THAT, you will in turn be blessed!

After I got into Dr. Joy DeGruy and her Post Traumatic Slave book, I knew why and how "foster care" derived. Marlo, please cop that book and the book by George titled "Asteroids/Goddesses" read what she has in her "Ceres" chapter. Ceres is the Great Mother, and that primal principle mirrors the great work that you're doing with the babies. Highly laudable!

This is a good period for all air sun sings... let me continue this on your other wall too...

Hugs, and again, keep up with the great work. All kids wanna feel is valued. And I know that's what you're gifting. Peace & continued Blissings! <3

Thank you Yakini! It would be a dream to be able to expand the program not only in terms of what I can do for young girls locally, but across the country. There are so many children in need...

Monji, what a great story, I look forward to hearing more about what you are doing as well.


Thank you for Glam it Up! I see how sincere you are about this program "your calling". You are truly a gem in the lives of the young ladies. I am a witness.

We love you Marlo!

It is nice to give the children in foster care a voice. Please write a book about it to encourage people who want to be foster parents and give us incite into a child's heart.

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