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Ask Marlo


Balancing business and personal matters, can be difficult when becoming a public figure.  You want to connect with the people that support you and maintain the relationships with those who were always there.  I have loved the way my followers relate to me, understand me and want to connect with me on a more personal basis.  Many have shared their own difficult stories, thanking me for sharing mine, and finding comfort in knowing they are not alone.  But when I am asked for a meeting or more often financial help, for me the connection then breaks.

Friendships and relationships are not meant to be forced; friendships grow and mature over time, naturally, genuinely.  A connection has to be mutual, both sides wanting it, and both sides patiently building it.  I do understand being in a difficult space in life and needing the comfort of someone who has been there, someone that you may admire.  I understand seeking advice and kind words.

As best I can, I try to provide that.  From time to time, as with my Thanksgiving turkey and Mother's Day giveaway, I do more and try to give more.  But understand, the needs are overwhelming, the requests for help more than what I alone can reciprocate. Friendship, time, and money are limited for everyone.  For each of them, we have to wait and let them happen only when they can...



Image by Forkparty


Summer Lips

As summer is in full swing, it's important to have a full arsenal, for your lips. The lips are something that men notice and they command attention, whether walking down the street or during conversation.  Lips to perfection!

Here are some of my favorites that help every woman get that PoW look. These are perfect colors for summer and help maintain the lips' moisture as well.

Lip Glass by Mac,

Chanel Glossimer

Dior Brand 224

LaMer lip balm



A week in the life...

I hope all of you enjoyed Independence Day!  I definitely enjoyed the days leading up to it!  Fun times in LA, wild times in Detroit....

Dinner at Mastro's, LA

Marlo-hampton-mastros-steakhouseB & M top, Versace skirt, heels by Louboutin

BET Awards, LA

Marlow+Hampton+2012+BET+Awards+Arrivals+rq2Wc0cWedolDress and heels by Givenchy


Party in Detroit with Derek J

Dress by Herve Leger

heels [not pictured], Louboutin.


Which of my looks did you guys like best?