Always the kids...

We had a great night going out to a club in EG.  I got just what I needed, a little bit of culture and a little bit of home.  The dj played 2 Chainz, and I dropped it like its hot...

But my favorite moment of course was a visit to an orphanage.  I do always love being with children and connect with them easily.  But this one was special.  She was four years old and from the moment we met we never left each others side.  We played basketball, jumped rope, we drew pictures and planted a tree in the Garden of Zion.  I also showed her how to do the Naomi Campbell walk and to throw up a peace sign.  She was a natural diva.  I instantly fell in love with her.  I still think of her and how precious it would be to have her in my life, her beautiful smile lighting up my every day.  I think of how her life will be, how she will grow up and if  someone will ever play with her the way I did, and love her the way I could.  I hope she remembers our time together.  I hope I may see her again...










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Wow Marlo you are just too hot. #Beautiful

Girl, you love you some kids! You are going to make a GREAT mom! I cant wait for that time for you. :-)

How sweet!

Hi Marlo, I'm so glad you decided to take a trip back to Africa. My dream is to one day visit Nigeria. I'm sure you had a wonderful experience in Equatorial Guinea. I really enjoyed your character on RHOA. I sure hope you'll be returning for the next season. =)

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