Notes from Equatorial Guinea

I was s

o excited for my second trip to Africa - being able to return  after my amazing last visit. I was wondering how this would be different, what I would see.  When we arrived, I immediately noticed the construction -- it seemed like a whole new city was being built, including my hotel.  And it was lovely, with a view overlooking the pool and lots of greenery. So peaceful.

There were dinners and conferences, speeches introducing us to the history of this former Spanish colony.  I saw a lot of pride and an interesting custom: no dessert, but instead platters of fruit served after every meal.  I was grateful not to have the temptation of sugary sweets and thus less pounds to keep off.

Africa has its share of talented designers - what would a vacation for Marlo be without fashion?  La Vie Couture put on a show of gorgeous dresses and of course I put on my own show, featuring Lous Vuitton.


Stay tuned for a night out and falling in love...


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Africa is an amazing place. I visted Ghana a few years back and vowed to return again and SOON!!!

Cant wait for the follow-up post!

Love that dress on you!!!!!!

Falling in love?..part 2 of the man in the picture

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