3 posts from October 2012


What it's all about...

I am so excited to share with you the best weekend I have had in a long time. 



I was reunited with my girls, my Foster girls, and had the opportunity to talk with them, listen to them, hug them and be inspired by them. Each and every one of them was so courageous and strong.  The stories they shared were heartbreaking, the tears overflowing and my pride in their strength and perseverance, overwhelming. 


Joining me in spoiling the girls were so many wonderful ladies, all of them generous with their time and services and supportive of the girls.  There were notebooks, pajamas, jewelry, eye masks, skin care products, and of course glam sessions for each girl, hair, make-up and manicures.


Thank you, all of you young ladies, for reminding me what it's all about: that all that I have learned and all that I have gained is for me to share with you.  And thank you for the amazing team that made this day so successful!


Round II

I’m watching the debates tonight, nervous, anxious and looking for clues.  There are so many issues facing our country, but isn’t it interesting how you can just hear one thing that makes you really quiet, that makes you think and become concerned and it is the one thing that continues to have your focus?

For me, it is the role of government and the rights of women.  The thought of a future where the government can now make decisions for women, their bodies, their health and the direction of their lives.  This should always be a private decision, a family decision.  Many people who have benefited from this freedom are now the same ones who want to take it away for future generations.  I am going to stay focused tonight, knowing that a woman’s choice and her ability to have one, will guide my decisions on November 6. 


My Week in Denver...


I have really enjoyed my week in Denver.  I needed it, the calm and quiet surroundings, the laid back pace.  One night, it snowed while I slept and in the morning I woke up to a blanket of white covering the cars and trees, and when I went and stood on the balcony to admire it, snow fell on me.  Like a dream...

Denver was a change of pace for me from life in Atlanta.  Right away I noticed how very few black people there were.  From the clubs to the gym to just walking down the street, black people were rarely anywhere in sight.  And everyone was dressed very casually.  Not like me, in a sequined dress with python booties, a Fendi trench and scarf.  Still, I enjoyed myself.  I worked out with a great trainer - she had her last child at 38 and her body was amazing!  Hope for me then!  I also enjoyed a night on the town, at Corridor Lounge and the Suite 200 Club.  The Christmas lights were already out, so festive, so sweet.  

Thank you Denver, you were just what I needed!  There is much awaiting me at home...