Round II

I’m watching the debates tonight, nervous, anxious and looking for clues.  There are so many issues facing our country, but isn’t it interesting how you can just hear one thing that makes you really quiet, that makes you think and become concerned and it is the one thing that continues to have your focus?

For me, it is the role of government and the rights of women.  The thought of a future where the government can now make decisions for women, their bodies, their health and the direction of their lives.  This should always be a private decision, a family decision.  Many people who have benefited from this freedom are now the same ones who want to take it away for future generations.  I am going to stay focused tonight, knowing that a woman’s choice and her ability to have one, will guide my decisions on November 6. 


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my choice too. Will I see you on Housewives this year?

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