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Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for...

Thank you Publix and Kiss 104 for your support and organizing of my day of simply giving.  That is for me always the best part of Thanksgiving - giving, sharing and remembering how blessed I truly am!  This year we gave away Thanksgiving dinner to twenty wonderful and deserving families.  We appreciate all of you for coming, for allowing us to share this day with you and for the ability to help all of you create a special day for your families!  I hope all you readers had an amazing day as well.  How did you celebrate and share?






Marlo's Dating Rules




I am often asked, how it is I get what I want in my relationships.  It is not very difficult, it starts with loving yourself first! And not being afraid of who you are and your expectations.  After that, you must set a few rules for yourself, rules that you do not ever bend on.

A closed mouth does not get fed:

A woman should not be afraid to ask for what she wants, a man never is...

I can do bad all by myself:

A relationship with a man should be a step forward, never one of staying in the same place or God forbid, going backwards...

Set rules from day one, a man only does what you allow him to do:
It is important to let your expectations be known early, imposing rules later never works...


If he meets you and you are 5 stars how can he treat you like 2 stars?

 Present yourself in the way you would like to be treated.

The man needs to take the initiative:

Sigh, what is more unattractive than a man who cannot lead?

Respect is a must:

Respect yourself and demand respect, plain and simple...

No lying, there is no such thing as “the little white lie”. Trust is very important!

Do not accept lies, nothing good happens from there on...

If a man I meet is not someone I can expect to do the above then unfortunately, he is not the man for me.