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While remaining seated, she took a stand...


This month, I reflect on a woman whose refusal to move from her seat launched a movement.  Because she refused, she was arrested.  Four days later, the Montgomery bus boycott began.

An Aquarian born on February 4, 1913, Rosa Parks was both a professional secretary and an excellent seamstress.  The woman must have had, shall we say, a real appreciation for style and fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, Mrs. Parks did not just one day refuse to relinquish her seat.  Her contribution to the Civil Rights movement had been building for years.  She was actually the secretary for the NAACP in Montgomery.  Back then, it was mostly comprised of men.  It was potentially life-threatening to join during this time of civil unrest.

Once Parks was arrested, several things happened:

Most people stopped riding the bus and used other means of transportation instead.

Martin Luther King, Jr inspired people to continue the boycott which went on for days, months, over a year.

The Supreme Court ruled that segregation on the buses was against the law.

Although there was still a lot of work to be done, Parks's actions had launched the Civil Rights movement.  A sartorial "hats off" to a fellow Aquarian.  Always stand for what you believe. It's the fabulous thing to do.