Giving Back Is Always In Fashion…

Well Divas and Divos, I know it’s been a minute since our last chat, but your girl has been busy, busy, busy and that is definitely a good thing. I have quite a few projects in the works, a few photo shoots for fashion and hair mags, plus my annual Christmas card is on the way. I promise to update you on everything very soon, but I have to share the news about one of my most important engagements which was being asked to speak to the young ladies who are currently incarcerated at the regional youth detention center in Atlanta, GA. I’d like to thank Glenda L. Cordy for inviting me.

Marlo and director cropped final

It’s no secret that I’m a woman with a past, some good and some not so much. However, I knew even as a foster child, even as a former inmate and even as a young woman who had the odds stacked against me – that I had great potential. I just had to encourage myself to pursue and achieve my goals no matter how difficult the challenges. And yes, the decision to succeed was completely mine to make.

While visiting the ladies at the detention center, I was able to really connect with them on many levels. It was an emotional time for me because I could relate to everything they had been through… foster care, parents who abused drugs, incarceration… I felt their pain, because it was also once my pain and I wanted them to know it was possible to make the pain stop. During the course of our conversation I was sure to let them know that they could have an amazing future if they used this time to focus on their goals and put this chapter of their lives behind them.

Marlo Hampton embracing a young girl at an Atlanta youth Detension Center final

When you’re in the middle of a crisis you often think you’re the only one suffering and no one understands how you feel or what you’re going thru. Honestly, that’s how my love of fashion began. It was my outlet and the way I validated myself when nothing seemed to be going right in my life. I didn’t self-destruct, I used the negative circumstances to my advantage and now I’m living my dreams and sharing my story with the hope that my testimony will inspire others to triumph over their circumstances.

Marlo Hampton speaking to the female population at an Atlanta youth Detension Center.

I know things may go wrong, and sometimes you may need to encourage yourself to live up to your potential but always remember that “You are the spotlight” no matter what hand you’re dealt in life. That’s why I thought to put this mantra on a T-shirt to be a constant reminder that we’re all stars with exceptional gifts, created to do great things! Join me in spreading this message. I’m going to make a limited number of these shirts available starting at midnight on Black Friday on my website www.simplymarlo.com. Just click on Marlo’s closet to get yours. They are my exclusive design and definitely a must for fellow fashionistas.


Never let anyone dim your light Divas and Divos. Step boldly into your greatness with both feet. It’s our time to shine. Ttys!


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Marlo I love your fashion and love that you have nothing to hid. Every great king are Queen didn't get there without some bad fall backs. I think you are just awesome. I watch you on nene wedding and you were just trying to make the best out of every situation . I love you keep up the good wk. you are a BOSS... Don't you forget that..

You know Marlo it's nice to see you give back to the poor. I like the fact that you can do something like that. xoxo

Marlo, please stop bragging about how you helped Nene with her fashion. When you were mentioning what all you did for her.....you mentioned that twice. Just worded it different and you couldn't come up with anything else. You do have some beautiful things but it doesn't look like you know what looks nice on you because some of your things look awful on you. At Peters party, your clothes looked to tight or just wrong. Get yourself together first and get off of RHOA with your ghetto self. I'm going to get a bunch of viewers to sign a petition to remove you from the show. I was one that rooted for you and told people time and time again, people make mistakes and everyone can change but I guess you're not ready to change just yet and many of us don't want to see all that ghetto mess on tv because you do take it to that level......Good ridance!

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