The saga continues....

It’s a day of reflection and celebration Divas and Divos…

 Today we pay homage to the life and legacy of one of the world’s greatest leaders and champions of freedom. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life for those who understood our plight and for those who didn’t because as he stated, he “had a dream” and it included all of us.

 Personally, every time I think of him I am encouraged to keep standing and fighting for what I believe in because God has a plan and purpose for me no matter how hard my struggle may be. We have achieved great strides because of the path he paved for us. For that I will be forever grateful and truly wish there were more of us who shared Dr. King’s vision today.

 To honor him and our Lord, Christ Jesus who he served, I will continue to dream, believe and achieve my goals. It’s the least I can do to prove that his dream is real, and divas and divos, I hope you’ll do the same. Now…


The saga continues!

 I hope you checked me out last night on RHOA. Thanks to you, I’m back! You’ll definitely be seeing more of me as the season continues. So, let’s get to it and spill some tea shall we?

 Shout out to Christopher Williams for that beautiful tribute to Cynthia and Peter on their 3rd anniversary. He’s still got it doesn’t he?

 Breakfast at Cynthia’s before our trip to the Wolf Mountain Vineyards was awesome and the ladies were gorgeous in their “going to the vineyard” dresses. Oh, and my Tom Ford boots were “hawt!” Just like Cynthia’s champagne, I felt like a “sweet bitch” when I was wearing them! I also met Kenya for the first time in this episode, and this “tea spilling” diva is definitely a handful! (Mmm hmmm just like me!).


Now of course when the ladies get together you have to expect gossip-fueled fireworks. Christopher Williams’ “wife” Natalie, (and I put it in quotes because her official status is questionable) came to the table and got the drama started. She had a lot to say about Kandi and Todd, and personally as one who knows it’s not easy to gain entry into this exclusive circle I don’t think bringing up his past was the way to go. Did she not get the memo, you don’t mess with Kandi’s man, daughter or mama? Natalie basically said that Todd was an opportunist on the “come up.” Aren’t we all taking advantage of opportunities that help us move up? Kandi has made it clear that I’m not one of her favorite people, (which is fine with me) but I would never want to maliciously add strife to her relationship. I did applaud her when she shut Ms. Natalie down with a toast, (and then a bite to eat!) Lol… her and Phaedra do love to get their munch on. Truthfully, I did call them phat, but meant no disrespect. Both Phaedra and Kandi are from the South where the men prefer a girl with some meat on her bones who’s not afraid to chow down. As you can see, these sexy curvy divas are comfortable in their skin! Werk them donkey booties ladies! Lol!


 Well, there is more tea to spill this season and you just have to keep watching to see how things turn out, but trust me, the RHOA drama will not disappoint and neither will I!

 Btw divas & divos… Be sure to listen to my interview this Tuesday at 9:30 pm on The Deshai Cole Show on 94.7FM Charlotte & bit.ly/1at04vl

 Til next week… Smooches!








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Marlo, I wished you had your own show. You stand alone-not behind anybody else shadow. Produce your own show to BET, Oxygen, TNT Oprah whomever. You can do it! Marvelous Marlo or Managing Marlo. You can have a show following you around with all of your endeavors, shoppings, hosting, etc.

Marlo I must admit I was missing your presence on RHOA. You're like a teaser they wave every once in awhile to get us salivating for more! Anyway, I love your hustle and the fact that you know your worth, 'cause at the end of the day - that's the only thing a woman needs to know. Toodles!

I LOVE that you and Kenya are going up against Nene! I think this is epic! Nene is fake! She uses her friends and then ditches them all for ratings. Nene loves to get dirt on everyone else but doesn't want anything to come out about her. I wonder what she will do once her half-sister is on the come up, LOL!

I hope you and Kenya continue to stay cool. She will need someone on her team that is a female around all these gold-digging fake women. Can't wait to see this fight coming up and I look forward to the rest of the season! Have a good day and oh when you get a chance, can I at least get a tweet or a reply? LOL...thanks!

I'm @oldschoolbeauty

you are my absolute favorite on the show. personality, attitude, and killer style.

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