Ready to dish????

Heeeeey Divas and Divos! Yes, I know, we’ve been out of touch these past couple weeks, but you’re always on my mind. Your girl has just been laying low til all the dust settles from the latest RHOA drama. I was chillin with my girl at the All-Star Game, eating too many Po’boys and drinking way too much on Bourbon Street! But let’s get to it… Ready to dish?

All Star
Well, my time on the show this week was brief and unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for the charity event. I was already scheduled to be out of town for another engagement, but definitely supported Ms. Kenya and the very worthwhile cause she wanted to help. Let me start by saying that while Kenya and I are not best friends, (we only met recently) I refuse to let others determine whether or not I should befriend her.  She has done nothing but support me and whenever we’re together we always have a grand ole time. I don’t need to sit in judgment of her… She has enough judges and juries already! As far as I’m concerned, we’re cool!  Time will tell how it all works out in the long run, won’t it?

  Marlo 2-16

 As I said, when I first started spending time with NeNe, (who initially was not too happy about me being on RHOA, but then “appeared” to take me under her wing), I didn’t let the warnings from Kandi and Phaedra deter me from giving her the benefit of the doubt. I looked up to her as a big sister since she and my oldest sister, (who is 8 years my senior and full of wisdom) are the same age. I really thought she understood where I came from and how I was trying to change my life for the better, just as she had done. We all have a past, but we can choose to leave it behind us. (I guess I should have listened to the ladies, huh? Sorry…)  

 I’ve been called an opportunist, often! But honestly, who among us does not take advantage of opportunities that improve the quality of our lives and allow us to realize our dreams? Who among us doesn’t use our gifts, brains, beauty and talents to our benefit? Let she/he who lives in the glass house, (of delusions) throw the first stone at me. Unlike some of us, I don’t believe that there are people who “are not on my level!” Last I heard, God created all of us equal.

That “taste” of Hollywood is like fresh, sweet ice cream. The only problem is, eventually it will melt and the “taste” will fade leaving not even a linger of flavor…  Perhaps some of us should learn the meaning of humility because just like an elevator, the people you put off, might be the same ones you want to hold the door when you’re trying to get back on… Ijs!

 See ya next week. Muah!


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You spoke nothing but truth. Nene has really made me not like her this season, and I'm so glad that Kenya drug her on her blog. She clearly had it coming. I hope that after she "quits" if Kenya isn't fired, like she threatened to do on twitter, you becomea permanent cast member.

I agree with you Marlo cause been need to sit her behind down. All ways trying to bully somebody.You can befriend anybody you want. Nene a fake friend anyway.love you God bless

yaaaaas hunty! about time somebody kept it real with nene about humility.

You said a mouth full, with much Class and respect!

Phaedra and Kandi only befriended you to hurt Nene. Nene should have listened to Wendy Williams and Diana because you do want everything she has. And you will ruin friendships to get it.

Absolutely - there is a lot to be said for common courtesy! Last time I looked you ladies weren't in high school. Why should you be nasty to Kenya when she hasn't hurt you? Nene needs to grow up. Her wedding was about her - your life is not. And there is a lot be said for blogging once a week - it helps build a following ; )

You can't WIN when you play DIRTY!

Yeah but you have eyes and you see how Kenya is with everyone every show see go on Nene name comes up let me say this friends fall in and out but if it is real and they love one another then it will come back together I hate to see all of the negative things going on I agree everyone have a past also what bothers me also is people keep saying Nene went Hollywood or she has changed maybe It's the people around her that have changed I think you are fabulous Marlo and I hope no issue is to small that you guys can't fix.

Gurlfriend! You said a mouthful. It's unfortunate that fame and fortune goes to the heads of those who come from nothing. To say, "none of these women is on my level" was not only arrogant, but downright nasty just like her behavior at the event (totally uncalled for - I don't care who didn't call you!). I'm not sure why all of you beautiful sistahs are not down for each other. There is enough shine for everyone didn't you notice how big God made the sun? I am happy Marlo that you realize who you are, where you come from, and who gets the Glory for your success. "God did make all of us equal." Get your hustle on, even if you're an opportunist! We all are.

Yessss Gawd, honey!!! I see you, Marlo! You said it perfectly!!

I personally don't like NeNe's attitude that she had at the charity event. She acted as if she is all that and a dozen of roses. She needs come back down to reality and notlet the show ruin her and her friends and probably her marriage...ijs Anywho...I live the show

honestly Marlo, I did not care for you before but Now that you are making sense I just might jump on your boat. by the way I like your comment and I agree too. goodluck

U said something then. I always thought she was faking being ur friend. The only friend NeNe has is herself. Greg ain't her friend... he hers.

Marlo can't believe you . But they say when someone show you who they are believe them. And you show us all on NENE wedding show. Dianne saw you for who you where and call you on it . You and Kenya do have more in common other than your mothers not wanting you. As Sheree said you will do anything for a dollar ,sleep with old white men , and l kill . All for what . Kim already told you that you will never be a housewife on the show . I Dianne call it . I pray that you get your reward .

Post what wrote . Are you only post the ones that checking for you . Cool I will post it on another sites .

I luv that marlo stands up to nene

Nene is so fake luv u marlo♥


It's unfortunate that Nene decided she know longer "needed" or wanted you as a friend. I have had that happen to me as well. The bible tells us a friend loveth at all times-not when I don't need you anymore. Nene has shown her true colors. She wants people to run behind her and Kenya and you wont do it. I have learned to like Kenya and of course I love you. You and Kenya need your own shows. Let nene have real housewives. She is burying herself with the words that comes out of her mouth. Don't run behind her, you are the star of your life- make it happen. You have many followers-get out and od your thang! We are waiting on you.

Clearly Nene feels threatened for several reasons, but its good people see that Kenya and yourself can stand up to a bully. I enjoy watching Nene, but she's not immune to public opinion and thats her folly, thinking that she;s on another level. Basically she's saying she's better than everyone but thats self delusion and really a form of lying to oneself. Also someone needs to inform her that just cuz your louder don't make u right

Very classy Marlo!!

I get it your just trying to stay relevant. However you showed who you really are on the wedding special. Girl get over your self.

No lies were told! I was really hoping Bravo would make you a regular cast member because you are drama and funny and have the tea. LOL. I like you and Kenya together too! Nene is not a true friend to no one and anybody with any common sense who has watched this show has seen that. Kenya is not a saint but from what I've seen she only goes after those who COME FOR HER FIRST. She and you are the only reasons I watch this show because I am so over the other boring hoes. Reality TV is centered around "opportunists!" LOL. Thanks for blogging and I look forward to this reunion!

Also see what dirt you and Kenya can dig on Nene since she LOVES to bring others down. She and her fans needs a reality check. Trust, Nene has been dragged for filth all over the blogs!

Love you Marlo

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