I am speechless Divas and Divos! Thank you for your love and support. It's not easy accept correction. It's even harder to correct yourself. Just moving forward, one day and one step at a time... Muah!



Divas and Divos...

I realize how we women sometimes tear each other apart in anger when in truth we're really just feeling hurt or betrayed. But that's not the woman I want to be.

I don't want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or "reads," while the crowds cheer on our bloodsport ratchetness. No one wins, except the ratings of course! Believe me, I'm not mad about that, (no ratings, no show!) I just think we have more to offer. Don't you agree?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not backing down, giving up or punking out. Trust and believe, I will NOT be Bullied at anytime by anyone!

I'll always stand up to those who try to knock me down, dig up my past or throw shade on my name and I encourage all my Divas and Divos in training to do the same. At the same time, I don't want to BE a bully either. It's not cute, or in fashion. It won't raise my star power and surely won't increase my bank account!

The truth is... I love it when women, especially black women, overcome obstacles to succeed despite all the challenges we face. Everyday I'm striving to be like the women I admire. Beautiful, accomplished, intelligent, yet flawed women who make mistakes, fall down, hit rock bottom - only to prove that like a phoenix, they can and will rise again from the ashes.

I can't fake hurt or anger because I'm human and I'm always going to be real. When I care for someone, I'm doing so without any ulterior motives. And, while being betrayed by family or friend can take you "there," retaliating with an equally inappropriate verbal or physical assault can never be justified. So I'm checking myself.

Whether I want to be or not, I am a role model to my glam it up girls, nieces, goddaughters and other young women who are watching and imitating my behavior. I need to do better. I can't promise you I'll turn the other cheek if I'm slapped, (don't suggest anyone try me, I'm not there yet) but be patient ya'll, God is still working on me!

So... I apologize for my part in this shameful drama that reinforces stereotypes about who we are as black women. And pray that one day we'll realize nobody wins when even one of us loses.

To all the RHOA/Bridesmaids I have offended: Phaedra, Kandi, Kim, Sheree, Diana, Pat and NeNe, I apologize. We may never be friends or see eye to eye on anything, (and I'm cool with that!) however, I don't need to tear you down to build myself up. I know who I am - The Diva, Marlo Patrice Hampton and I am the spotlight, but so are you. Let's all bask in it. God made sure there would be enough shine for all of us.




Chinese Proverb: Beware of people throwing shade while wearing bad toupees!

Divas and Divos, I’m doing my best to be the one to take the high road, but these last few weeks have been filled with lots of shade and haterade from people promoting products from Donald Trump’s hair emporium!

Marlo and NeNe

Say what you will about me, but I’m always going to be real. I’m always going to be that Woman who will come straight from the heart with no chaser and no BS. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, flawless or without regrets. Who is? Definitely not the fake bleached blond with the bold ambitions! She talks about my past incarcerations, her past includes pole sliding, lap dancing, lights, cameras and action! Which one of us is worse? Both of us have come a long way since then haven’t we? Good thing we took advantage of “opportunities.”

I’ll never forget where I came from. It’s what keeps me grinding towards a future of bigger and better things. That’s why I became so emotional when confronting the drag queen impersonator. When I went to speak to her I genuinely wanted to express my disappointment that I hadn’t been asked to join her team with the other bridesmaids. That really hurt me. But in order to get past it, I wanted to initiate a truce. Sometimes friends have disagreements, and then they forgive and forget. I have said many times I looked up to her like a big sister and valued our relationship, so I wanted to break the ice, kiss and make up. However, when the water was thrown at me, along with the nasty attitude, I wasn’t having it! I didn’t need to kiss her a$$ because she didn’t bring me up. When she met me at my boutique I was already that girl who styled her, (on a budget) for season 2. And at the time, she was on team I.O.U, NOT team Rich!

I didn’t become a stylist yesterday. I’ve been a fashion trendsetter since I was mini Marlo and if it wasn’t for me, she’d still be rocking Dots jeans with Payless boots! No disrespect to the brands or those who wear them, but neither is known for their couture lines. I put her on and stepped her fashion game up. You’re welcomed! Why do you think she hired me to be the creative director for the wedding?

Marlo orig #1

Imitation is the highest form of flattery! (Photo credits: http://straightfromthea.com/gallery)

What person who is really secure about who she is feels the need to dictate what others can and can’t do if they are her friends? I didn’t sign the friend contract that said I agreed to be anybody’s possession. I guess Kenya, Kim and Sheree didn’t either. If she really believed she was in the spotlight, then why worry about others trying to steal her shine! Truly confident people never waste time or energy worrying about the next person on the come-up. The same way really rich people NEVER speak on their wealth and they definitely don’t silkscreen it in rhinestones across their chest! That’s what “new money” with no class does because they are faking the funk in the social circles of the well-to-do.

For the record, Ms. Marlo doesn’t wear knockoff designers or faux fur. In other words, I don’t like fake things or fake folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Real friends have ups and downs, but if they are “real,” then nothing and no one will be able to come between them. NeNe calls herself a “loyal” friend? I wonder if any of her other “ex” friends would agree with her on that. Doubt it! Even some of the friends on “Team Rich” see her in a different light because now they know her loyalty was a one way street and the only person benefitting from it was her!

Donald's toupee

I heard she wants nothing else to do with me, but because I’m against toupee abuse, I’m still willing to hook her up with Lawrence, Dawn or Kemya, three of ATL’s top hairstylist so she can free that small furry animal on her head. My people are on speed dial, just holla at ya girl! That’s what friends are for… Bloop!


Thank you!

To all my Divas and Divos, those new to Team Marlo and especially my ride or die crew. I just want to thank ya'll for the love you're showing your girl! I'm sorry if I can't reply to each post. I read them all, even those chock full of haterade, (luv u 2). I respect everyone's right to their opinion, continue to do you. (No shade, no side eye...)

Marlo alone

Just know, I appreciate you all. Love you to life! Muah!




Ready to dish????

Heeeeey Divas and Divos! Yes, I know, we’ve been out of touch these past couple weeks, but you’re always on my mind. Your girl has just been laying low til all the dust settles from the latest RHOA drama. I was chillin with my girl at the All-Star Game, eating too many Po’boys and drinking way too much on Bourbon Street! But let’s get to it… Ready to dish?

All Star
Well, my time on the show this week was brief and unfortunately, I couldn’t be there for the charity event. I was already scheduled to be out of town for another engagement, but definitely supported Ms. Kenya and the very worthwhile cause she wanted to help. Let me start by saying that while Kenya and I are not best friends, (we only met recently) I refuse to let others determine whether or not I should befriend her.  She has done nothing but support me and whenever we’re together we always have a grand ole time. I don’t need to sit in judgment of her… She has enough judges and juries already! As far as I’m concerned, we’re cool!  Time will tell how it all works out in the long run, won’t it?

  Marlo 2-16

 As I said, when I first started spending time with NeNe, (who initially was not too happy about me being on RHOA, but then “appeared” to take me under her wing), I didn’t let the warnings from Kandi and Phaedra deter me from giving her the benefit of the doubt. I looked up to her as a big sister since she and my oldest sister, (who is 8 years my senior and full of wisdom) are the same age. I really thought she understood where I came from and how I was trying to change my life for the better, just as she had done. We all have a past, but we can choose to leave it behind us. (I guess I should have listened to the ladies, huh? Sorry…)  

 I’ve been called an opportunist, often! But honestly, who among us does not take advantage of opportunities that improve the quality of our lives and allow us to realize our dreams? Who among us doesn’t use our gifts, brains, beauty and talents to our benefit? Let she/he who lives in the glass house, (of delusions) throw the first stone at me. Unlike some of us, I don’t believe that there are people who “are not on my level!” Last I heard, God created all of us equal.

That “taste” of Hollywood is like fresh, sweet ice cream. The only problem is, eventually it will melt and the “taste” will fade leaving not even a linger of flavor…  Perhaps some of us should learn the meaning of humility because just like an elevator, the people you put off, might be the same ones you want to hold the door when you’re trying to get back on… Ijs!

 See ya next week. Muah!


Red Carpets & Fashion... two of my favorite things!

It’s time to talk FASHION Divas and Divos!

 Did you all see the Grammy’s last night? Well of course the performances were amazing, but ya’ll know Marlo is all about the clothes and who was wearing what!

 As usual there were some real hits or let’s call them hawts, because some of the ladies were looking “oh so hawt last night! Here’s a few who really caught my eye…

 She’s been pretty low key lately, but the queen of “that’s hawt,” Ms. Paris Hilton herself gets my vote for best hair and make-up for the evening! However, I didn’t love the dress!   

  Paris Grammy

Taylor Swift looked like classic young Hollywood  in her silver Gucci gown. The whole ensemble was understated which let her pretty face take the spotlight. (I’m no Taylor Swift hater! She’s a pretty, talented young lady…)

  Taylor Swift Grammy

And yes, we did watch Ms. Katy Perry “Roar” in Valentino.  The dress was a perfect choice for her and the occasion, but would not have worked for me, (or anybody else who isn’t in the music business!). Loved the hair!  

 Let me not forget to mention the Queen Bey whose performance with Mr. Carter, was hotter than hawt!!!! (I am doing squats right now – operation Bey booty in effect!) She was totally Drunk In Love with her man on that song and the hair looked like they had just finished a drunk love session in the shower. However, her Michael Costello gown was definitely sultry and sexy. I wonder how it would look in black???

  Bey Grammy dress

My honorable mentions in the “hawt” category were: Red carpet host, Guiliana Rancic who was lovely in her coral Alex Perry gown and R&B Crooner, Miguel and his girlfriend were just too cute…

 Now in the Not so hawt” category, well that’s everyone I didn’t mention here! Lol! Especially Sara Bareilles, that was a disaster? Honestly, the entire fashion scene this year was pretty toned down, but there were definitely some people who still need to hire a stylist or fire one!

  Sara Bareilles grammy


 I can’t leave you without raising an eyebrow about this week’s episode of RHOA! Phaedra threw her new baby an inauguration ball. He’s a baby so who was this super expensive, over the top soiree really for? Even Apollo wasn’t into it… But I think he has a lot on his mind right now… (side eye with a raised eyebrow!)

 And what was the “host” of the couples pajama party thinking? I’m not sure, but to me, someone was up to no good. The party didn’t start out warm or fuzzy. The people on the guest list obviously had issues with each other and when you mix attitudes with alcohol, nothing good ever comes from that. I’m glad that was one invitation I turned down! There will be a lot of finger pointing as to who started what, but I’m glad for a change there will be none pointing my way!

 Smooches Divas & Divos…



The saga continues....

It’s a day of reflection and celebration Divas and Divos…

 Today we pay homage to the life and legacy of one of the world’s greatest leaders and champions of freedom. The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life for those who understood our plight and for those who didn’t because as he stated, he “had a dream” and it included all of us.

 Personally, every time I think of him I am encouraged to keep standing and fighting for what I believe in because God has a plan and purpose for me no matter how hard my struggle may be. We have achieved great strides because of the path he paved for us. For that I will be forever grateful and truly wish there were more of us who shared Dr. King’s vision today.

 To honor him and our Lord, Christ Jesus who he served, I will continue to dream, believe and achieve my goals. It’s the least I can do to prove that his dream is real, and divas and divos, I hope you’ll do the same. Now…


The saga continues!

 I hope you checked me out last night on RHOA. Thanks to you, I’m back! You’ll definitely be seeing more of me as the season continues. So, let’s get to it and spill some tea shall we?

 Shout out to Christopher Williams for that beautiful tribute to Cynthia and Peter on their 3rd anniversary. He’s still got it doesn’t he?

 Breakfast at Cynthia’s before our trip to the Wolf Mountain Vineyards was awesome and the ladies were gorgeous in their “going to the vineyard” dresses. Oh, and my Tom Ford boots were “hawt!” Just like Cynthia’s champagne, I felt like a “sweet bitch” when I was wearing them! I also met Kenya for the first time in this episode, and this “tea spilling” diva is definitely a handful! (Mmm hmmm just like me!).


Now of course when the ladies get together you have to expect gossip-fueled fireworks. Christopher Williams’ “wife” Natalie, (and I put it in quotes because her official status is questionable) came to the table and got the drama started. She had a lot to say about Kandi and Todd, and personally as one who knows it’s not easy to gain entry into this exclusive circle I don’t think bringing up his past was the way to go. Did she not get the memo, you don’t mess with Kandi’s man, daughter or mama? Natalie basically said that Todd was an opportunist on the “come up.” Aren’t we all taking advantage of opportunities that help us move up? Kandi has made it clear that I’m not one of her favorite people, (which is fine with me) but I would never want to maliciously add strife to her relationship. I did applaud her when she shut Ms. Natalie down with a toast, (and then a bite to eat!) Lol… her and Phaedra do love to get their munch on. Truthfully, I did call them phat, but meant no disrespect. Both Phaedra and Kandi are from the South where the men prefer a girl with some meat on her bones who’s not afraid to chow down. As you can see, these sexy curvy divas are comfortable in their skin! Werk them donkey booties ladies! Lol!


 Well, there is more tea to spill this season and you just have to keep watching to see how things turn out, but trust me, the RHOA drama will not disappoint and neither will I!

 Btw divas & divos… Be sure to listen to my interview this Tuesday at 9:30 pm on The Deshai Cole Show on 94.7FM Charlotte & bit.ly/1at04vl

 Til next week… Smooches!








It's a new year...

Happy New Year Divas and Divos!

 Yes, your girl is back on the scene after some much needed rest! Miss me?

The holidays were a time for me, (and hopefully you too) to relax and reconnect with family and friends. I had an awesome Christmas with my beautiful nieces, nephews and goddaughters, not to mention letting my weave down with my sisters and sister-friends. But it’s time to get back to work, cause you know somebody has to make some coins!


Great news, I’m going to be back on the RHOA this Sunday!!!!! Be sure to tune in and make those ratings jump! Lol! Trust me, when all the ladies get together and we have alcohol, there is never a dull moment, so you won’t be disappointed. Plus, I need to send a special shout-out to RHOA show producer-extraordinaire… Carlos King! Thanks Carlos for everything. You are truly gifted at what you do and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

 Anyhoo, there are some great things coming up, so please do check in with me and the show for announcements. I really missed my Divas and Divos… I won’t stay gone this long again – make sure ya’ll holla back to let me know you still got my back. Okay?

 And don’t forget to tune in Sunday @ 8pm on Bravo. Muah!


God, love and family are the real reason for the season!

Happy holidays Divas and Divos! We are at the beginning of my favorite time of year and I’m feeling very nostalgic right now after spending time with my family. Time filled with love, good times, great food and drama of course.

 Truth be told, we all have some kind of family drama that makes you say, you can’t live with or without them! And even when you are avoiding some of them like the plague, you know you’d never replace even one, (well maybe one or two) but you get my point!  I’ve shared my history often with you about growing up in foster homes, not to get sympathy, but to encourage you all to embrace and value your family. I didn’t always have one, but I’m thankful for my grandma, mom, sisters and brothers, both biological and foster because at the end of the day, we’re family and that means the world to me.

 First I went to Memphis to see my sister, nieces and nephews. You should have seen their faces when I walked in the door unannounced and surprised them. My sister couldn’t even pronounce my name and the kids were soooo happy to see me. We had a great time.

  Sisters and kids


Then I hopped a flight to St. Petersburg, Fla to see my Grandma Holmes. She has been one of the greatest blessings in my life and I can’t love her more for being there for me. She didn’t just give me a roof over my head and food to eat, she gave me the one thing I needed most, she loved me, protected me and I will never be able to thank her enough. I can’t believe she’s going to be 97 in February! She’s still taking care of her house. You can’t tell her what to do and she always tells it like it is. Grandma Holmes is a strong, genuine woman who sacrificed everything for her family and refuses to have a TV in the house because she says the bible is her TV. I love having long talks with her while she advises me not to interfere with what God has planned for me. “Have faith Baby,” are her words that I live by. Oh and she still makes the best cornbread I’ve ever tasted!

  Marlo and Gram

While I was there I spent time with some of my closest friends and my two beautiful goddaughters. We played cards, did the soul train line and just cut up! Honestly, I do love meeting new friends, but there is nothing like spending time with real people who knew me from day one and love all my extra-ness…. I ate too much, went to the movies with my sisters and girlfriends to see The Best Man Holiday, again and just had an amazing time! And, the cherry on top was reconnecting with my brother and meeting his wife and kids.

 I realize it’s all about the simple things ya’ll. Life is short, so we need to cherish the moments that turn into memories. The ones that make us smile, or cry tears of joys, or reminisce. When God gave us the gift of memory, He showed us all just how great He is!

 So now, I’m home and getting ready for Christmas! Time to put up the tree, decorate the house (pics coming soon!), send out the cards and shop of course! Like the song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

 I’ve got a nice long Christmas list because you all know that this girl loves things that sparkle. I can’t wait to find out if Santa thinks I’ve been naughty or nice. Hmmmmm…. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned!


Giving Back Is Always In Fashion…

Well Divas and Divos, I know it’s been a minute since our last chat, but your girl has been busy, busy, busy and that is definitely a good thing. I have quite a few projects in the works, a few photo shoots for fashion and hair mags, plus my annual Christmas card is on the way. I promise to update you on everything very soon, but I have to share the news about one of my most important engagements which was being asked to speak to the young ladies who are currently incarcerated at the regional youth detention center in Atlanta, GA. I’d like to thank Glenda L. Cordy for inviting me.

Marlo and director cropped final

It’s no secret that I’m a woman with a past, some good and some not so much. However, I knew even as a foster child, even as a former inmate and even as a young woman who had the odds stacked against me – that I had great potential. I just had to encourage myself to pursue and achieve my goals no matter how difficult the challenges. And yes, the decision to succeed was completely mine to make.

While visiting the ladies at the detention center, I was able to really connect with them on many levels. It was an emotional time for me because I could relate to everything they had been through… foster care, parents who abused drugs, incarceration… I felt their pain, because it was also once my pain and I wanted them to know it was possible to make the pain stop. During the course of our conversation I was sure to let them know that they could have an amazing future if they used this time to focus on their goals and put this chapter of their lives behind them.

Marlo Hampton embracing a young girl at an Atlanta youth Detension Center final

When you’re in the middle of a crisis you often think you’re the only one suffering and no one understands how you feel or what you’re going thru. Honestly, that’s how my love of fashion began. It was my outlet and the way I validated myself when nothing seemed to be going right in my life. I didn’t self-destruct, I used the negative circumstances to my advantage and now I’m living my dreams and sharing my story with the hope that my testimony will inspire others to triumph over their circumstances.

Marlo Hampton speaking to the female population at an Atlanta youth Detension Center.

I know things may go wrong, and sometimes you may need to encourage yourself to live up to your potential but always remember that “You are the spotlight” no matter what hand you’re dealt in life. That’s why I thought to put this mantra on a T-shirt to be a constant reminder that we’re all stars with exceptional gifts, created to do great things! Join me in spreading this message. I’m going to make a limited number of these shirts available starting at midnight on Black Friday on my website www.simplymarlo.com. Just click on Marlo’s closet to get yours. They are my exclusive design and definitely a must for fellow fashionistas.


Never let anyone dim your light Divas and Divos. Step boldly into your greatness with both feet. It’s our time to shine. Ttys!