Taking the show on the road...

Hey, hey, hey Divas and Divos! Whatcha doin?

Miami open (800x800)

I’m down in Miami with my girl Kellee, soaking up some sun, attending my first tennis open and hoping to see her highness, Serena Williams beat somebody like they stole something! Yes, this diva is expanding her horizons and enjoying new experiences, you should too! You know what I liked most? The quiet anticipation of the game. I mean, other than the player’s grunts you could hear a pin drop on a pillow. The spectators are that quiet so they don’t break the player’s concentration, but the energy in the arena is just as energized as the power behind their backhands. Being the fashion diva I am I just wish they would have consulted me on their outfits. I would have blinged-out their tennis rackets and shorts with rhinestones – that would have really bedazzled a night game right? Lol! Ya’ll know me, I am thinking about fashion in my sleep!

  Tennis club w Kellee (800x592)

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with Marlo’s world on Twitter and Instagram so you know Ms. Bailey, as in Cynthia Bailey and I hosted a very successful fashion seminar a couple weeks ago in the ATL. Actually, it was so successful that I’ve decided to take this show on the road!


I’ve been into clothes, shoes and accessories my whole life, so it never occurred to me that my style sense was a commodity that could be sold! Honestly, I just like pretty things, especially if they are sparkly! So if you love fashion too, but just don’t know how to pull together an eye catching outfit, let me help you. Be sure to check my website or Facebook page for dates of when I’ll be in your neck of the woods. The first seminar will be in New York City next month. I’ll be posting a schedule and registration information soon -- so stay tuned!


Speaking of fashion and helping others improve their fashion sense, I’m gearing up for my next Glam It Up event which I plan to host at home this year (in Florida), where I was raised in the foster care system.


In case you didn’t know, Glam It Up was created for young girls in the foster care system to remind them that they’re beautiful and valued no matter what life was throwing at them. I know first-hand what being in that environment can do to your self-esteem, so this is my favorite way to give back and I know it makes a huge difference in their lives, even if it’s just for the day. I can’t wait to meet this year’s group and see their transformations. Got any ideas for a theme? Last year we called it Refresh, Reveal and Renew You. Share your ideas, we may just use it and if so, I think I’ll do something special for the winner…


In the meantime divas and divos, thank you for always showing your girl love. I do appreciate it and never take any of you for granted. Ohhhhh I almost forgot, I have a special shout out to a diva who created a beautiful Pinterest tribute to me. Much love goes out to Nichelle Morgan! Diva, You Rock!!!! Thank you for everything and I’m sending love right back to you. To all of you!




The Big 3-9

Hey, hey, hey, Divas and Divos!

How YOU doin? Ya’ll know I am always on Instagram and Twitter keeping you up to date on Marlo’s world, but I miss my blog and I hope you do too.

Marlo looks Aspen (640x640)

I just took an awesome trip to Aspen, Colorado for my birthday and wanted to share the details with you divas and divos. Decided to blog because I need more space than Instagram or Twitter provides, so here we go...

Yes it's true, your girl is about to bid farewell to my dirty 30s. Just hit the big 3-9 and I am still fine! Lol! No, I am not afraid to share my age. It’s a blessing and I am looking forward to my freedom 40s.

Aspen open
Aspen is another check off my bucket list. I've always wanted to go skiing and didn’t break even one bone (but I did fall three times!). I had the cutest instructor on the slopes, her name was Candice and she knew what she was doing. More importantly, she knew how to teach and that made my time on the slopes even better.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have been to Aspen, truth is, there are not many of “us” there at all! But the people I met who live there or came to vacation were some of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever encountered. The customer service everywhere was the best I’ve ever had and so was the food!!!! And ya’ll know this diva loves to eat! Let me share some of my favorite places, just in case you decide to go…

For a great burger, truffle fries and an amazing view of the mountains, go to the Ajax Tavern.

I dined at Matsuhisa, a Japanese restaurant where Todd is the manager. Can I tell you that the yellow tail tuna with jalepeno peppers and soft shell crabs were to die for!

  Aspen food (640x640)
I went to a bunch of great places, but on the last night of my trip I went to Cache Cache, one of the best spots in town. Marcello Ferriera is the owner who also introduced me to Chris Lancer and Nate King his chefs. On a side note, Marcello’s son is a winter Olympian who had just won a bronze medal in the X games. Dad must have been feeling extra proud because he and his staff rolled out the red carpet for my birthday celebration!

Everything they prepared for us was incredible and some generous person even took care of the bill!!! Happy birthday to me! My only frown came from eating my birthday cake. It was truly beautiful on the outside, but tasted absolutely awful. Two thumbs down to the pastry chef and bakery where it was prepared. Don't worry, I won't shout them out, because again everyone treated us so well. I just won't go back to that spot.

I also have to mention where I stayed, at the Little Nell Hotel.  It too was charming, with lot's of character and exceptional customer service!!!!! I give kudos to the entire team who made sure I wanted for nothing every minute of my stay. Thanks to everyone from housekeeping, the front desk, concierge and everyone in between. They were all amazing.

One night, my friend and I were invited to the exclusive Caribou club. It’s a private restaurant where membership is required to get in. Can I tell you that dinner and drinks for two was more than $400! This place was for high rollers, but again… the experience, the people and the service was unrivaled.

I did mention that even though there are only 26 of us “cousins” actually living in Aspen and I only saw 3 my whole trip (and two were employees!), but at all the clubs they only played our music!!! I mean they truly bounced to our Hip-Hop and R&B!!!! Crazy right? We got our two step on at Bootsy Bellows night club (which by the way was all black and gold inside. Two thumbs up to the designer), and were the only mocha bunnies in the whole place! But it didn't matter one bit. We had a better than great time with everyone.

  Black and gold (2)

Btw… for all you weed heads, it’s legal to possess and smoke there!!! Everybody was high. I was in 5 star restaurants and I could still smell weed.

Of course they have all the best shopping there and I must thank the stylists at Salon Tullio who did my hair and make-up. They did an amazing job and I even got to party with them all of them at my bday bash!

Aspen is like the bar at “Cheers” where everyone in town knows each other! It was a great experience and I will definitely go again.

Ok, remember how I said there were only a few of us “cousins” there? Well here is the funny thing that happened to me… One night I was out taking pics, a gentleman and his wife came over and said “I love tennis, I absolutely love it, can I take a pic with you?” They thought I was Venus or Serena! LOL! I didn’t tell them different but oh how I laughed for the rest of the night!

Well, now I’m back home, 39 and broke! Gotta get back to my grind. Aspen is for the rich and famous. I am aspiring to be both. Right now, this diva is ballin’ on a budget!!!

Til next time divas and divos…




Friends…. How many of us have them?

It’s Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos!  

I want your opinion on how do you define friendship? More importantly, how would you deal with “so-called friends,” who are only around for the flashing lights and popping bottles, but nowhere to be found when the isht hits the fan in your life? You know the ones with you smiling up in VIP, but side eyeing you on the low! This is on my mind, so help me out.

 I’m going to break down the categories of friends in my world… then tell me your situation.

There’s my ride or die crew who always have my back no matter what. These friends know and keep my secrets even when they’re mad at me because our bond is just that tight. And I call them true friends because even though I may not speak to them on a regular basis, when we do, it’s like we never missed a beat.

Then we have the next level, I’ll call them “friendly associates.” These are the cool people we hang out with but we never let get too close.

How about the ones who only give if there is something they can get in return.  The ones we barter with, for example, if you do xyz for me, I’ll do xyz for you.  We may exchange smiles and compliments, but at the end of the day there is no substance to this relationship beyond the “what’s in it for me” mentality. Ya’ll got some of them? I sure do!

Let me not forget the ultimate group of “fake-ass” friends." The gossip queens, aka haters, aka habitual liars, who always want to know what’s going on in your life, yet every detail they share from theirs is a bald-faced lie! Now I’m not grandstanding, we all tell lies sometimes and it’s always wrong. But, the fake-ass crew tell lies for no reason at all other than trying to portray themselves as far more fabulous than they are and they never really want to see you shine.

Truth is, there are a lot of “friend” categories, but rarely do any of the people trying to carry the title really deserve it. Say what you want about Ms. Marlo, I keep it 100 at all times. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’ll own up to it and move on. But what you won’t say is that I don’t keep it real with friends and associates. More importantly, if you’re someone I do call a friend, I won’t treat you like isht on my shoe. I’m not mad about one hand washing the other, that’s how it should be between real friends, so there is no problem with helping you, while you’re helping me. But a real friend would never hold anything they have done for you in the past over your head for eternity and, for real - for real, a fake friend will never do anything for you without the guarantee of receiving something greater in return.  Now catch that dirt!

My point divas and divos, watch who you call your friend!  If the people in your circle lie a lot, are all up in your relationship business, or are only there for the benefit of being in your entourage, let their asses go! Beware of people who are smiling in your face while plunging and twisting the dagger in your back. I’d rather have a small group of loyal friends than a gang of fake ones who don’t really give a damn about me... (and who I could care less about either). This is what was on my mind today. Talk to me!






Don't forget to send me your fashion pics!

Today is the day! Tweet me, email, facebook... somehow, someway get your pics in and I'm going to post the 5 best! I'm waiting!


It’s Your Day Divas and Divos!

Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos and today I’m highlighting you!

This week it’s not about me, it’s about me giving back to those who mean the most to me, my family and of course you guys. Been keeping a low profile lately, but I took time out to have tea this past Sunday with two of my favorite glam-it-up girls who are making moves and off to college! Whoo hoo, get it girls!

Glam it up girls (462x640)

Then, I plan to start shopping for back to school clothes and supplies for my nieces and nephews. After that I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the summer that is flying by don’t you think?

Marlo Nieces nephews

In the spirit of giving, I decided to flip the script a bit today and ask in my Wendy Williams voice, How You Doin?

Talk to me. What do you want to discuss? Give me some hot topics. What’s going on in your fashion world, clothes, interior design, make up, etc.? How do YOU glam it up? I’m dedicating this week’s blog to you, so send me pics of your fashionista selves… You all love how I put it together, now show me your style.

The top 5 pics will be featured on the blog and I’ll post the results tomorrow via blog, twitter and instagram! Don’t disappoint me, the clock starts now…




In relationships, know your worth...

Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos! What’s good wit ya?

This week I’m sharing my thoughts on the subject of relationships. Why? Because after too many conversations with friends and others who are worried about biological clocks, growing old alone, getting married, etc., I think it’s time we stop letting this pursuit of finding a husband, boyfriend, partner get in the way of being happy in the here and now.

  Bio clock (400x400)

How many of us have bought into the fairytale of “happily ever after?” How many of us believe that if we don’t find a husband we have no future or self-worth? The devil is a liar! I’m not married and the truth is, I’m fine with that. When the right one comes along, I’ll be ready. However, I don’t have to settle for Mr. “Right Now” because I’m nervous that Mr. “Right” won’t ever show up. Don’t believe the hype of Instagram and Facebook! Every smiling couple is not living in romantic bliss. Trust me on that!

 Too many of us are beating ourselves up or even worse, compromising our standards because the world says we are incomplete without a husband and kids. Some are making bad decisions, hooking up with “OPP,” (Other People’s Property, (side eye), God will NOT bring you someone else’s husband, even if he says things are not working out!), “BWP,” (Brothers with Potential) or “CBB,” (Cute but Broke!) all in an effort to find a Prince. No, it’s not about the money, although no one wants a broke dude, and working with your man while he is on the come up is ok too, sometimes... But, if you do all the understanding, compromising and giving, you probably have not found the right one. He’s not looking for Mrs. Right, he’s looking for some help! Or worse, to replace his mama for a mama with benefits!

Marlo 8-4-14 (544x640)

As I get my grown woman on, I’ve found that I love coming home to me. I never lie to myself, cheat, or take me for granted. There is peace of mind in that. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Don’t let their opinions and expectations make a mold for you to fit into and stop apologizing for your flaws. We all have them. The beautiful diva that you think has it all together and is worshipped by all, might have ugly feet and a bad case of chronic halitosis! My point is, no matter how hot you think the next one is, no one is perfect. And yes others may seem special, but there is something special about you too. God gave us all gifts. Find out what yours is, and make it work for you.

Or better yet, let His will prevail over your life and watch everything else fall into place.  All I'm saying is this... Don’t let anyone determine your worth but you.

Marlo happy 8-4-14 (605x640) Til next week Divas and Divos. Smooches!



When it's time to walk away...

Marlo Mondays Ya’ll! And it’s time to talk about what’s really real.

 I’ve been feeling some way lately about how the people in my life, family, friends and so-called friends feel they are entitled to a piece of my pie that they neither helped buy nor bake.

Marlo mad face

 Many stories have been told about those who forget where they came from on the way up, only to be reminded on their fall from grace. However, that’s not what I’m talking about today. I’m sure we’ve all had problems with friends, family and so-called friends who ride your coattails to the top, but won’t break a sweat or lift a finger to pursue their own dreams and goals because they are too busy telling you what you should be doing FOR THEM now that they think you’re on the come up. I’m all for helping those who knew me before the spotlight, have always kept it real and don’t act like I owe them anything. Those who were and are truly happy for me and sincerely want to see me succeed, to them I say Thank You!

 On the flip side, the selfish, lazy asses who always want a hand out, who always expect me to pick up the check, who always want to walk in my shoes, sometimes literally, but have no respect for the blood, sweat and tears that got me to this stage in my life, these are the ones I must walk away from in order to save my sanity.

 That’s what I’m telling you Divas and Divos, walk away from toxic people. Walk away from leeches and cling-ons because once they have sucked the life out of you, they will move on to the next one and won’t look back nor extend a hand to help you. My mama told me about those “smiling faces” telling lies. They show big smiles on the outside, pretending to be happy for you, but frown on the inside, hoping you fail. (Wink wink, you know who you are…)

 Honestly, no one really knows what it’s like to be Marlo. If you only see the Loubotins and labels, pictures and parties, you’ll probably think I have it made, but I don’t. The truth is, every day I’m hustling! Every day I’m grinding. Every day I remember where I came from and what I’ve lived through and I’m not trying to go back. So, I work. I use what I have and what I know to make a better today, every day for myself and if I can do it so can you.

Marlo Loubotins

 I’m finally realizing that there are some people who can’t go where I’m going. It’s not that I don’t love them. I love my family and real friends with all my heart. But sometimes, the glitter and the gold can blind people and they no longer see you, they see dollar signs and the champagne life which is always a lie. Everybody has something going on in their lives that money and fame can’t fix. I’m not rich or famous but even at this stage in my life I see that the publicity changes perceptions. Even those closest to you, who should know better, seem blind sometimes or maybe they just don’t give a… (rhymes with duck).

Through my blogs I try to share the real me each week, however, this slice of my life does not really tell my whole story. No one knows what it’s like to live in my world or walk in my shoes but me. So, I’m going to have to learn that I can help who I can help, when I can help, but I don’t owe anyone anything. Hard as it may be sometimes you just have to let go and let God. Blow them a kiss, wish them well, let those Loubotins serve their purpose and walk away. It’s advice I’m finally taking myself.

Marlo walk

 Til next week Divas and Divos. Smooches!



Starting Over...

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for a new conversation just between us Divas and Divos!

Keep the topics and questions coming… You’re keeping me focused as I continue working on my hustle.

This week let’s talk about getting past your past… How many times have we all had to start over or wish we could press a “do over” button when we hit rock bottom? I don’t need to rehash all of the times this diva needed to start over, but I’m going to share some of my experiences to help you get through yours.

Marlo Glam 7-7-14 (640x411)

When I was younger and dumber, (and yes I can admit that I was young and dumb) I made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions. From running with the wrong crowds to believing that I was owed something because I ended up in foster care. I was rebellious, disrespectful and selfish. However, no good came from any of that, only consequences that continue to haunt me to this day.

Because of my past, doors are not always open to me. Because I have a criminal record, opportunities are not always given to me. People who don’t even know me judge me for what I did decades ago and I have to keep reminding myself that I am not my past. Every day I succeed and put more distance between my current situation and my past, there is someone who refuses to let me forget it. It’s like I have to start over every time I wake up and that is discouraging some days but exhausting every day! Believe me.

So, when you have to start over, the best thing you can do is remember Who you are and Whose you are. (You are an amazing child of God!) Starting over isn’t the scariest part. It’s not knowing what will happen that feeds our fears most. Don’t worry about any of that… Just start over even if you have to do it afraid!

I had to start over every time I was moved to a new foster home, until Grandma Holmes kept me. I had to start over each time I was released from incarceration until I decided I was not going back so I wouldn’t have to be released again. I had to start over every time a relationship ended. And guess what? Start over I did with a new outlook. I now anticipate new experiences and I’m better because of it.

Marlo blog 7-7-14

My only advice when you’re faced with the daunting task of starting over is to just do it! You won’t know what you’re capable of doing until you’re willing to keep moving forward. Every great life experience has a starting point so wipe the dust off your shoulders, lift your head and don’t walk, strut into your next chapter like the divas and divos you are.

Marlo did it and so can you.



Marlo Monday's: New York… The City of Dreams!

Divas and Divos… What day is it? It’s Marlo Mondays!!! And this Diva is turned up!

 I spent the weekend in New York. A city I’ve grown to love because it’s true, if you have a dream, New York City is the place to pursue it. And it’s like Mr. Sinatra said,” if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” So New York is now my 2nd home, but don’t sleep, St. Petersburg, Fla is not too shabby either.  Some of the most successful brothers and sisters in show business call it home. The beautiful Angela Basset is from there... Former Middleweight Champion, Winky Wright is too. My childhood friend, the extremely talented Will Packer, movie producer extraordinaire was born and raised there, and so was Ms. Marlo herself. 

Marlo Hampton walks the Think Like A Man Too red carpert at the ABFF in NYC.

Before I go any further I want to give a huge shout out to Will Packer to congratulate him on the success of his latest movie, Think Like a Man Too. I attended the premier at the American Black Film Festival, (ABFF) this past weekend and I laughed, cried and then laughed til I cried.  It was funny, sweet and just well done so kudos to the entire cast and a big thanks to the founder of the ABFF, Jeff Friday who created this platform to showcase black films and filmmakers.

Marlo Hampton and Janell Snowden

 On the subject of dreams… Will is an awesome dreamer who wasn’t satisfied with dreaming only – so he went after what he dreamt about and now look at him. He’s one of the reasons that I decided to talk about the power of realizing dreams today. Will, Angela, Winky and countless others have proven that Nothing is Impossible and it doesn’t matter where you came from. If you can dream it, then you can do it. (Yeah R.Kelly! You told us to believe we can fly!) You have to believe in yourself, and to me, that’s what New York City represents. It’s filled with people with big dreams who may have come from small towns like me, but made their way to New York, to make them come true. No one ever imagined a little brown girl like me, from country-bunkin St. Petersburg, Florida with my history and record would end up rubbing elbows with the talented and famous in New York City, while pursuing My dreams. So the message for all my divas and divos is this, NEVER give up on yourself. It doesn’t matter what your situation looks like right now, we were all created to do great things. If you can dream, then know that dreams come to inspire you. I’m living proof that anything is possible so don’t give up because I’m not. #everydayI’mhustling.

 On another note, let me tell you what happened to me on my way to New York… You may want to take a seat for this! 

I was flying Delta, First Class to New York when a rat (or mouse – what difference does it make? It was a nasty little rodent), decided to run across my foot. WTH? I couldn’t believe it… but you know what was worse? The flight attendant tried to convince me that it was more afraid of me than I should have been of him. (Really lady?) And then she had the nerve to ask me did I want something to eat? Seriously? Absolutely not! Didn’t she see that the rat ran towards the galley (aka kitchen area)?  I want nothing to eat or drink on this plane. At that point, all I did want was to get off!

 Then last but not least…

While driving down 34th Street we were rear ended by a yellow cab! I got a busted lip, had my first encounter with New York’s Finest and hadn’t even been there 24 hours. It was an experience that could only happen in New York City! Now I’m down in sunny South Beach recuperating from my trip. Rest, relaxation, bikinis and cocktails are just what the doctor ordered.  

Be sure to log in next Monday divas and dios, I’ve got some tea to spill. Til then… Smooches!



Family… Can’t live with ‘em and you’ll go to jail for killing ‘em

A diva asked me how I feel about family and did I want kids of my own. Well, Marlo loves the kids and if it’s in the cards for me, I hope to have a family of my own. I have lots of nieces and nephews that I’m very close to and LOVE!


And, family is very, very important to me, even though they can get on your nerves. 

My family, both biological and foster, are a hawt mess! There is never a dull day with any of them and honestly, there are days when I’d like to divorce them. (I’m sure they feel the same about me too – we all crazy!) But, I love them for life and thank God for them.

We don’t get to choose who we’re related to and sometimes I think Ashton is going to jump out and yell “you just got punked” after the DNA test says I am indeed kin to some of my relatives, (raised eyebrow and side eye!). But I’m sure there are many people with no family who wish they had my crazies! So, while I don’t always love how we act toward each other, I do always love them. Family is forever!

Ta-ta Divas and Divos… Til next week, smooches!