Money is the best deodorant....

..said Elizabeth Taylor, but it does bring the stench of hatefulness.  "Where do you get your money?" is such a crass and distasteful thing to ask. It reeks of jealousy, envy, and insecurity.  It is even less attractive than a bad weave and too fitted clothes on an unfit body.  It makes me wonder, what about that is important to you?  What will those details do for you?  Are you looking for more information to judge and criticize?  Have you somehow drawn the conclusion that I do not deserve what I have but think that you do?  Or is it that you are disappointed in your life and resent the fulfillment in mine?  Many of my friends own bigger homes, more clothes, more jewelry, more cars - I celebrate them.  I love it that they are happy, that they are well taken care of, that they live exciting lives.  I want it for them, and I want it for those that do not have it.  I share with others what I have.  I am generous, I give easily, I take care of many people, I give anytime I can.  That is what God has blessed me to do!  I ask you, is how I live with my money - generously, selflessly, joyously - not more important than how I receive it?


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"I ask you, is how I live with my money - generously, selflessly, joyously - not more important than how I receive it?"

Mark it, AMEN!

While I do think it's natural curiosity to "wonder," there are just certain questions that simply aren't appropriate to ask. It's gauche and distasteful.

Marlo...i could not have said it better...girl you must be a Cancer because everybody i know that is born in this season (Cancer) tend to be nurturers, freegiving, and long suffering...i don't have a lot but i always share what i do have....i hope i get a chance to meet you next year when i am in the ATL. I am from Montgomery and i visit every now and then...working on 2 other goals right now...but i will probably be moving there next Christmas...have a great day Marlo...

Hey Marlo!
I think you are amazing. I fell in love with you and the presence you have on the show at first sight. The question that was asked to you was not necessary, so I definitely see where you come from. Everybody is not as freely giving or fully forgiving of others people's past, but they way you handle these type of people is amazing! I'm truly starting to look up to you, not just because you are on TV, but because of how you made it from you past situations to your now blessed present.

You are truly inspiring!

Actually I'm an Aquarius, but I see that there are amazing women with big hearts under all the signs! Let's stick together...And the story of the road from my past to where I am now, I do look forward to being able to share more of that.

And Never did we hear her ask Kim that.....

I like you Marlo and Kandi was way out of order for asking you that question and then re-asking you at the art event...kandi has become very annoying.

What a powerful entry here. When Kandi asked that question I was floored. Who does that? I guess Kandi does..lol You dont belong in that circle stay flying with the Eagles.

I think Charles sort of initiated the conversation though by saying what he said about dating a certain type of woman who drives a certain type of car, and has her own money...ergo, the question about what Marlo does for a living.

Not saying it was right to ask, I'm just sayin. . .

I thought that was such a snoopy thing to ask. I was wondering if it was to put you on the spot. Because if it was for educational, "Upgrade Me" purposes it could have been done in private, if even that.

I've paid close attention to you since u appeared on the show, and of course I immediately thought you were amazing. But, judging from how SHARP your PIECES always are, makeup BEAT & hair IMPECCABLE(is one thing)BUT to b sitting here reading YOUR ACTUAL THOUGHTS and views about life IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT PLATEAU! A woman that uses a very difficult past and upbringing as a stage to uplift, enlighten, and fulfill your dreams as well as encourage others. I LOVE it chica, #YOUROCK

Courtney, that is really what I want to do. I will tell you my truth, I will admit to you where I have failed and my only hope is to uplift and enlighten anyone who will listen. Thank you!


well said!!! I love it

Could not have said it better!!

Can you please let me know what kind of hair you have? I really love your hair. I also love you and that pic up there.

Dear Marlo:

What you have said is very inspirational. Thank you for posting. Looking forward to reading more.


i totally agreed and want to add my views that to deodor your body always go for a natural way use excess water,maintain balance diet ,take bath daily ,these all alternative tips for purchase of deodorant available in market containing aluminium and other toxic chemicals that cause cancer and other diseases

I have followed you for quite some time as a role model. I emailed you a couple of years ago. You are my role model. I refuse to settle. I know you are not perfect, but simply being human is good enough for me. I have had a similar past and have endured a lot before the age of 25. I refuse to settle when dating. I am judged for in the same manner you are. I hope I can find friends that understand my dating standards and that date similarly. It gets quite lonely at times with people judging me. However, this is the life I have chosen. I refuse to struggle like I did growing up. So until the friends come, you'll be my TV friend. Thanks for opening up. You never know who your inspiring. Blessings to you.

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