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She is beautiful, she has great style, she is a savvy business woman and she has been supportive of me in a way that makes me feel like I have made a new friend.  I imagine us taking in a show together one day, maybe Chanel!  For now, I want to thank Yakini of Style Me Prissy  for a lovely post on my Closet.  Sorry that the shoes don't fit!


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Oh, this is so lovely and I am humbled! As Wendy Williams would say (lol), you have become such a "friend in my head." I know our fashionable paths will cross one day! xo

P.S. LOVE ure blog design/layout. Its super gorge & elegant, but i wouldnt expect anything else from u.

I was totally thinking about "friend in my head!" Thank you for the compliments on the blog, I was hoping it would be received that way...

Stylemeprissy.com is where I found out about this blog. #goodlook and #thanks

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