Happy New Year!


I hope 2011 was a wonderful year for you and that 2012 tops it!  I hope in 2012 we get much better acquainted.  You have seen my closet, heard some of my musings and asked many questions.  You have offered me a place to put down my thoughts and to really introduce myself to you.   And y
ou are coming into my life at a wonderful time, a time of transition and a time of self-development and growth.  A time of reflection too.  

Recently I found an old picture.  It reminded me of who I was then; a young girl, responsible and motivated, already enrolled in college, and quite strong to be so young.  I had already seen so much!  I had already celebrated many holidays without my own family.  I had already experienced foster care and 
never being raised by my father.  I remembered sometimes seeing members of his family at the local stores - he lived in the same town - and they would recognize me because I have his nose.  I remember the days of 
wishing that we could be a family, but knowing that would not be possible for us.  That young girl in the picture, she would be scared to know some of the obstacles that would lie ahead, but then she would be happy to know the joys that would come too.  Moving to Atlanta, becoming a stylist, then an entrepreneur and now this truly big leap to a stage that is new to me; strange, and a little bit scary.  

I have thought about what I need to change this year, what will be important for me to stay true to, in this year of brand new possibilities.  Listening, is what I came up with.  In listening I can best see what is being revealed to me.  In listening I will hear even that which goes unsaid.  In listening I will have the opportunity to be thoughtful.  In listening I will choose the right path...

I am sure there will be times that I will need you to hold my hand.  Thank you for taking this journey with me...I imagine it will hold some unexpected, but blissful things too.


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Happy New Year Marlo!
Looking forward to learning more about you as a person,
and not the picture that the reality shows tend to paint.

What I do know??? CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIILE you can dress yo' BUTT off!
Your pictures are gorgeous.
And all your looks are STRAIGHT from the runway!
You are my MUSE!

Lots of love from Seattle!

Though, it's the Roman timeline, but Happy New Year Ms. Hampton.

'Loves your goal on "listening" more. Silence is definitely more definitive. ...this is why most are so uncomfortable with it. I remember spoken-word artist RainMaker said in one of his pieces "Silence is LOUDER than screams!" ProFound! I love his work...I love him. And no, I don't work for him, either. Smile.

Great share, here, Marlo. Thank You.

I can see right now, I'm going to enjoy reading your blogs. You and Abiola Abrams will likely be my favorite reads this season. You should let her interview you for her blog on Shine, btw. Her energy is awesome! If you come up to the NYC to do it, tell her to reach out to me--I'd love to be on deck to meet you too.


Mama Ya

Happy New Year, Marlo!!!! I am excited to see what the fabulous Marlo brand has in store for us for 2012! :

Happy New Year Marlo! xoxo

Happy New Year Tami! Thank you for visiting!

I look forward to you sharing and teaching. I have a new mentor for 2012 Marlo Hampton.

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