When Caesar built the coliseum...

He offered to the mob of Rome mindless entertainment.  He distracted them with games and spectacle while he took away their freedom.   They would be seduced by the sight of blood, gladiators fighting to the death, while he solidified control over the Roman empire.  He would give them death and they would love him for it.  Are you not entertained?

We, who choose to enter the ring, to distract them, the mob, we cannot blame them for their thirst for blood.  We must let them have their theatre, make them believe they own that which they are being fed.  One scene and they are filled for many days.  Pictures for them to dissect and analyze.  Words for them to chew on and spit out.  Mugshots, felon, criminal - oh, but to watch them pounce on a carcass, strip it to the bone and shred it to pieces. 

Is she or is she not to be seen?  They did not want her, she did not fit, she did not belong.  A trap was opened for them and they went to it willingly, never knowing she had simply stepped aside to let them fall.  Maybe, she understood what it was to be a gladiator, maybe she was not willing to become enslaved for the amusement of them all.

I see hunger in their eyes, they will not settle merely for blood - death is what they have come to watch.  I will wage battle for them.  I will endure their sticks, their stones, their sharpened weapons because freedom is still there for me to be had.  Eventually, I will remove my armour and they will find out who I am.  And when they do they will chant 'live, live, live.' 

I trust they will see why I have come to the ring, great victories already won along the way.  They will find out I have heard words far sharper than theirs, seen hungrier eyes.  I know they know not what they speak.  All that is required then is my patience, with patience I will continue to rise.


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This was metaphorically sound & real Miz Marlo! I think your response couldn't be more classier.I'm not trying to bash anyone, but no one should concern themselves with your business, I'm sorry...they can't talk! Your past is your past & I LOVE THE WOMAN YOU ARE! The EPITOME OF GRACE, CLASS & STYLE! NEVER CHANGE...

I love that metaphor - perfect!

Marlo, all I got to say is if you ever read that b-day book, the one by Theresa Cheug (& no, I don't work for her, or her publishers..lol) you'd know that "OUR" b-day is one governed by "The Prophet" and "Born Story Teller." This is why I love your lush musings so much...they kinda put me in the mind of...well, in the mind of "ME." :-) Write-On, Sista!

Ms. Marlo I enjoyed this post. I have never understood why people can be so judgmental of other people to the beat of trying to hurt them. Yes I have read what the bloggers have had to say about you and in reading all I could ask myself is,"don't we all have a past?" Why not celebrate Ms. Marlo's ability to overcome, why not celebrate her strength? Why not focus on how a young girl who grew up in the system can go places and mingle with people that based on her past wouldn't have been possible? Then say to ourselves," All things are possible thru God who strengthens me!" or "God restored her!" Keep your head up my sista there are some of us who in-spite of your past celebrate you and your story! Continued Blessings

Wow! I loved how you put that!

marlo, dony wve ppl like who r praying 4u each&everyday!!! we kno u didnt maen 2hurt (GAY PPL) everyone takes everything someone has 2say these day way 2far, dam u cant say anything nowa days with being lable this,or tht, shame....

Very nice! We all have a past. I admire your courage to lay it out there from the beginning. You have fallen before many time but you continue to find your balance and rise! Continue doing you and remember never let them see you sweat. Stay Brilliant.

Wow, Marlo you are an amazing writer. I love this piece so much. This is incredible. Stay Brilliant and maybe make some more money with it. I could see this fleshing out and becoming an article I read in a magazine somewhere. I love it!

Team Marlo! Love you girl. You got the BEST Wardrobe EVER! You are BEAUTIFUL!


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