Looking Back


The photographs tell my story better than the things I hear.  I looked at a lot of them recently, from all different moments in my life.  There were valleys and there were peaks.  The photographs remind me of the times when there was laughter and the signs of who I would become.  The sunflower on my straw hat - an early glimpse of a fashionista in training!

I will share more of them with you as well as stories from my earlier life.  Mine will be the official record, the full picture of Marlo...


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Marlo...girl I just had to roast and check straightfromthea.com about you. I told them you were my cousin, becuase although we share the same last name, we have so much in common. I tried to cc: you on the email where they were talking very reckless about you and your past, and I just couldnt take it anymore, I had to shut them down. BACK UP OFF MY COUSIN...#teammarlo

Great to look back at times that make us laugh and those that make us grow! Lovin the Hat too.

Can't wait to read all about it Marlo! Continue to be proud and humbled by where you come from, where you've been and where you're going. You have a testimony and id love to hear it.

You were cute as a button & stylish even then!

It baffles me that people would believe anyone other than the direct source! Why wouldnt you go straight to that person to hear their story, rather than thriving on negativity, gossip, ans slander as told by a third party? smh

I see y'all in this pic! RIP Shawn Bolden...nice throw back Marlo. Your haters make your greater. Stay true to who you are. The home team is still rooting for continued success

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