Procession in Blue


There was so much, in addition to a lot of blue.  I immediately realized that everyone's perception of a grand, luxurious event is COMPLETELY different. I prefer a touch of elegance, not a sea of blue.

Style tip by Marlo: Dress to your mood, then let one thing go....

The procession, however, a high note, this is surely the way to enter a room!




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Girl that "lady sings the blues" get up was a lot. I *died* @ the matching blue fan. Some ppl do too much. Simplicity is the best way to go. In the words of a southern belle - bless her heart!

Okay the hat and gloves were over the top, sometimes we do so much it looks sloppy? She did the same with the rhinestones on the eyebrows? I'm glad the guy stopped the headpiece for the pictures? WTH was that... Did she ever call you? Now sometimes "other" can b over the top and as her event planner, it shows in the design.....


"Dress to your mood, then let one thing go...." Yesss!!! Love that!

Lol, and yes, that was all a bit much...

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