The little black dress

  ChanelloungingChanel Reclining by Horst

I am as drawn to her style as I am her story.  That she was raised in orphanages, abandoned by her father, immediately solidifies the connection.  That during this time she learned to sew, to make pretty things and find a way to create beauty where there wasn't any, I understand.  That she would start a hat business, a small, but successful one, way back in the 1920s, when women did not work, or own businesses - unexpected. But that she would go on to transform women's fashion in a way that still today is unique, timeless, effortless style, that is magnificent.

The story of Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel made a lasting impression on me when I discovered it.  I love her clothes, but more than that, I love her strength.  It reminds me of what can be done when we believe in ourselves.  How we can master our own destiny.  My three strands of pearls are witness...



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I had no idea of Coco Chanel's story, wow! Definitely makes me appreciate her and the brand that much more.

I saw the movie on Lifetime some years back and enjoyed it. So I really understand your love for the brand. It's those little things in life that touch us and make us we are.

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