I wanted to share with you a letter I recently got from someone who is trying to find herself.  She said she had survived a number of setbacks, both physically and emotionally.  She said she could not yet see the light.  I was so moved by that.  There are many people like you out there, not knowing how to make that first step.

The first step is to look in the mirror and to tell yourself, you love yourself.  You don't just do this once, it is your first step every single day.  Second, do not underestimate the power of God and the power of faith.  Anytime I go to church, or read my bible I find meaning and strength in the word. 

Third, it has always helped me to feel better when I look better.  Taking care of yourself, especially during difficult times, is important!  This does not mean spend money.  It means, put on your best dress, style your hair as best you can, make an effort to look the best you can.  You have to believe in you before anyone else can.

Putting yourself in surroundings that make you happy is also important.  For me that is being with children. Last year, some friends and I rented a big van and took their children to a cabin in the mountains.  We cooked, we laughed, we played, we had a great time.  It gave me the comfort of family - that closeness and togetherness that I love so much. 

These are the things I draw strength from.  I wish for you, who wrote to me, and all of you facing difficult times, that you might take some of these and start to create and live a better life!  We are all so much stronger than we know...


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This was do beautiful! Bravo Marlo...

Wow!!! Marlo! U ve a gift for writing! You really do! I love ur blog. I love beauty and brains. I hope u are back next season on RiHOA. I love ur love of life.

Really beautiful words, and so true!

I've definitely had periods where I've been down, and all that you've described - including surrounding yourself with laughter and loved ones, taking care of your physical self (which truly does wonders for your emotional self), and repeating such positive affirmations to yourself on a regular basis makes a huge difference!!

Nice response and advise, Marlo...Love you and keep head up.

This is why we "heartmarlo"!

Wow, this is such a powerful woman. I said it once and will say it again WRITE A BOOK MARLO!!

She knows how it feels to be on both sides of the fence so the wisdom and motivation she gives really feels like it is coming from a genuine place. It is very obvious what we see oh RHOA is a very small part of who this Woman truly is. A true gift.


Thank-you Ms. Marlo! Reading that was such a blessing. You always keep it real and you help so many people by sharing your thoughts.

Love it! You inspire me so much and its not about your labels or fashions, although your fashion game is on point! But I am inspire by you because you have to courage to be simply marlo.

Rock on and stay blessed Marlo.

Thanks for this Marlo. Needed it!

Marlo, I have only typed positive and loving comments on this page since the first few times I saw you on Housewives of Atlanta. I never comment on anyone's page but I felt I saw something so glowing in you and I must say now that I regret ever giving my support to you. You are so fake. Your behavior in Africa was atrocious. The way you talked to Kim on the reunion about her children, was just... ugh. You are gross. I get it now why you are so into fashion. What comes out of your mouth makes you dirty not what goes in, or what designer clothes you put on. You took the one thing you could about Kim and tried to make a righteous sword with it and it was just ugly like you. you haven't grown at all. You are a hypocrite like Neenee, and gave me a headache.

Marlo, God Bless You Always!!!! Use this platform to elevate you to higher heights in God and purpose. I watch RHOA and you are a character (and fun to watch), but clearly there is more to you than the character on the show!!

This is the kind of advice I was looking for. Thank you so much Marlo for sharing this is the kind of empowerment women need. I love you always.

I love you Marlo! I saw the same glow in you as well. I still see that glow! Its obvious that there is more to you than what we see on the show. This blog allows us to see a more personal side of you!
Every body is entitled to their opinion. My thoughts are the way you talked to Kim is how you felt. Does that make you fake? No, that's keeping it real! Kim always talk about others and try to act as if she did no wrong! Like I said in one of my other postings, "You are a strong lady that shows no signs of weakness", you are very confident, and I see a lady with a kind heart but at the same time don't take crap from no one. You are fabulous! Forget the haters! and keep being "Marlo"! I Love It!

Thx YOU Marlo! I have all the peace God can give!

So true we are stronger then we know. I lost my mother within 30 days of her telling us that she had stage 4 cancer. I can truly say God is good and that you have to trust him and have faith that you can make and you will. Oh it's a struggle but when it gets tough I just call on the name of the Lord he strengthens me. Im back to working out and i know my siblings and i will be ok Stay strong.

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