Cinderella's Shoes

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These were my first pair of Louboutins.  A present, from a gentleman friend.  I had until then, mostly worn Stuart Weitzman.  Louboutins were still a dream.  But then he came with my golden slippers, and with them, a door to a new life.  He wanted me to look beautiful for our date that evening.  He wanted me, like Cinderella, to feel transformed.  So he bought these for me and life was never the same.  I will always love them, my first Louboutins, for they represent the future I did not yet know I had...


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That's such a beautiful refection. I, too, look forward to my own Cinderella story:).


I love it! Looking forward to my dreams becoming my reality.. Thanks for sharing.. ;)

Lovelyful Marlo

He had really great taste! I love that style. I also love what they represent!

They are darling. If you ever wanna gift a b-day mate with a pair on one of our b-days. Pick Me! :-)

I really love them shoes and the fascinating story. I also have big dreams. I do not sit and wait on dreams, I make them happen.

Love the Story! I have my own "Glass Slippers" Love your use of words.

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