My glamorous girls...

Photo+1Me with Francheska & Francis

Having spent my teenage years in Foster Care, I am very passionate about working with young girls in the system, and offering them support and opportunities they may otherwise not have.  I do this through my Glam It Up Campaign through which some of my Glam It Up girls participated in the ATL Celebrity Kids Fashion Show.  Four young ladies became models for a day to promote empowerment and wellness for children. 

The girls were beautiful and poised and they absolutely shined as they modeled beautiful dresses by designer Jayne Finne, of the Melissa Jayne Boutique.  Thank you Miss Finne, for letting these young ladies sparkle in your pretty dresses!


Thank you, Caitlyn, Francheska, Tamara, Francis, Thakia and all the young ladies for beings such lovely models and doing such a great job!  You give to me more than I could ever give to you...


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What a great event and love all Pinkness! Woot!

The girls are so purty and look like they're having such a fun time!!! I know they ripped the runway! ;-)
And you, my lady, are absolutely beautiful for what you do through your organization.

Hi Maylo Your and the girls are so welcome :) they rocked the runway show xoxo

Hats off Marlo....

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