I am taking some time away again, and enjoying some great quiet moments.  It reminded me of something I read once by Patrick Suskind, but told my own way...

Sometimes people seek out solitude monks, priests, adventurers. They retreat to the woods, remote islands; maybe high in the mountains swaying in the breeze. They do this to be nearer to God or to please God. Or they wait months, years, for their solitude to be broken by some divine message, bringing them to enlightenment.

My solitude is of a different kind.  Sometimes I withdraw solely for my own pleasure, only to be near to myself. No longer distracted by anything on the outside, I bask in my own existence and find it splendid. I lay quietly, hardly breathing, my heart hardly beating but yet I am as alive and intensely  as ever, as intensely as if I were listening to great music and dancing...

I wish all of you a beautiful moment of solitude.


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I love this ... I often retreat and return refreshed, sharpened, with a clean spirit and aura... Ready to take on my world! I thought I was the only one :) enjoy your hiatus.

Be Blessed,

OMG! This describes me, in this season of my spirit, completely. May I please use this in my book, Marlo, giving you credit of course? I love it!

hi marlo when will you return,i hope to become friends with you i have a fashion jewlery on-line store called babygirl247.com let me know if you see something you like and i will send it to you,i know how it feels when you need to get away i sometime do it myself running a business and being a wife and raising my son can be alot so i can relate to you when you said you will be away let stay in touch dont forget to shop my store and tell all your friends respond back thanks

Marlo, enjoy your time to yourself (we all deserve that) and you will be missed!

Marlo coming from St. Petersburg, Florida being raised in a very strict home and the only black in my class at a private christian school I found it very easy to identify with a part of myself that no one knew or dare try to understand. I sought out attention and acceptance in all the wrong places only to find solace in becoming the very person that i sought endlessly to run far away from. Miami, Atlanta and then Chicago would become my home.
I made alot of mistakes along the way but true to myself I always knew I was destined for greatness.
I applaud your courage and your tenacity. I admire your desire for only the finer things in life and being relentless in your quest.
Our paths will meet one day I am sure of it. We've talked and you never knew it.
There are many levels of success and numerous levels of wealth.
You have made me see some things that I didn't have the courage at the time to accept and for this I thank you.
Our past is similar and because of it I have always run from it. But the hustle in me tells me now my biggest success will be to embrace it and let others know that my past is only but the stroke of a brush on the canvas that I call my biggest masterpiece.
Being a chameleon is something I have perfected down to a science.
I've learned to play the part that I'm needed to play to whom it needs to be played for.
When we do meet; maybe the dubai world cup or the cannes and monaco boat show we will hit it off like we've known each other for a life time, because I truly believe all great minds think alike and very few black women truly get it.
Keep your head up; know you are magnificent and celebrate with those who really relish in your complete and utter happiness.
Everything comes at a cost and never let anyone tell you that money can not buy happiness. Because this BITCH knows it does.
I am here for you.
You have a great brand.
You need to do some reputation management get all the bad press off the web and moved beyond the 10th page in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We need to replace googles automatic search with positive feedback when your name is entered into the search engines.
I told you I would do your site; I meant it.
I want to see you win.
I want nothing from you. I don't like the public image; I am a behind the scenes type of girl; for obvious reasons when we touch basis.
Its hard for a type A personality like me to meet people without an agenda who really truly get it.
Accept my friendship now or later we will meet and you will absolutely love me.
Relish in your ME time girl.

Enjoy the break,we all need it sometimes. Be blessed always,Tiffany in Nw Ohio.

I love your site's layout. Please refer me to who created it. Thank You!

I too spend time alone to gather my thoughts, to b whole. Enjoying th
e musings..

Ms. Hampton I found your thoughts to be very inspiring. The depth of your message speaks volumes and reminds each of us to know the comfort in seeking internal peace....thanks again for the uplift!

Carmen, I am so glad you enjoyed the passage. If you want to use it, remember it is my interpretation of Patrick Suskind, so be sure to give him credit.

You are a "7." Seven is a prime number. Plus it's the divine number that can't be divine. It's the Crown chakra. The #7 is mentioned in the bible 700xs. It's a Holy #. Malcolm X said that that number followed him his whole life. "L" is an upsidedown Seven. L, leads the word L.O.V.E when spelled out. 7, the loner, highly attuned spiritually number.

We have to recharge our spiritually batteries. "Me Time" is not only divine, it's NECESSARY! And no one does it better than a #7 personality. <3


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