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Balancing business and personal matters, can be difficult when becoming a public figure.  You want to connect with the people that support you and maintain the relationships with those who were always there.  I have loved the way my followers relate to me, understand me and want to connect with me on a more personal basis.  Many have shared their own difficult stories, thanking me for sharing mine, and finding comfort in knowing they are not alone.  But when I am asked for a meeting or more often financial help, for me the connection then breaks.

Friendships and relationships are not meant to be forced; friendships grow and mature over time, naturally, genuinely.  A connection has to be mutual, both sides wanting it, and both sides patiently building it.  I do understand being in a difficult space in life and needing the comfort of someone who has been there, someone that you may admire.  I understand seeking advice and kind words.

As best I can, I try to provide that.  From time to time, as with my Thanksgiving turkey and Mother's Day giveaway, I do more and try to give more.  But understand, the needs are overwhelming, the requests for help more than what I alone can reciprocate. Friendship, time, and money are limited for everyone.  For each of them, we have to wait and let them happen only when they can...



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You do not yet have Bill Gates money so, let them know that and move on. Learn how to say "No" Marlo.

You know what Marlo you are growing everyday. You are moving past the housewives and just doing you. I am happy that you aren't on the show because it seriously was NOT meant for you. (DON'T MEAN NO HARM) I respect you because you left because you didn't want to be around all of the drama. You keep it real. One thing I will say is that the producers tried to make you look very different.

Marlo my darling i have to say that im so obsessed and dying to know how and what i need to do to get that fabulous hair that u had when you were on the housewives reunion show.. I just really loved it so much. All i could look at was your hair and everytime i tell someone about hair im like i want that Marlo Hampton hair nothing else compares. My birthday is coming up in a few months i want to be as fabulous as you are and were that particular day. It has exceeded past a want but a NEED in my life. Could you please be so helpful to lead me in the right direction PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. IM BEGGING YOU MUCH LUV N RESPECT PLEASE RESPOND BACK

Hey i agree totally people just think that they can take advantage of you

I definitely agree - give folks an inch, sometimes they try and take a mile. You can only give what you have, and when you give away too much of yourself... than what's left for you?!

Love you & your blog!!! xo

I didn't know who you were til I saw Housewives. I think you're so blessed money wise because of your strong,positive attitude. I really think Bravo should let you have your own show,more money for you and good ratings for them lol. Continue to stay fortunate,real and blessed in finances and all other areas of your life. You sure have paid your dues and deserve it lol. Tiff,Ohio..

Really ppl begging...sad....I recently heard a message in church..get a mentor and walk your path,, im there searching and looking ...you are a great inspiration continue being you. My friend of 19 years recently told me i was out there because i was waiting to find agood man...so I took it as a sign to move on.

Tyesha, such a nice compliment, thank you! My hair is from Exquisite Locks. Send us a birthday picture please! Happy Birthday.

Girl if people say they don't like you....Their in Denial. I always admired you from Day 1 of Housewives. Lady you know how to work a interview, conversation, and work them haters. I respect you...I love older men myself and love the Queen that I am. Now I do have times where have to regroup from all the haters. But I always come back stronger and you Marlo are speaking for all the First-Rate Divas. Girl I can go on and on...But I thank u for your honesty and being absolutely REAL...Girl their is no boring bone in your body. You Sweat Diamonds, Money, and Bentleys! Do ur thang girl..and always keep your head up...Because Fans like muah are counting on it!!

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