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I am often asked, how it is I get what I want in my relationships.  It is not very difficult, it starts with loving yourself first! And not being afraid of who you are and your expectations.  After that, you must set a few rules for yourself, rules that you do not ever bend on.

A closed mouth does not get fed:

A woman should not be afraid to ask for what she wants, a man never is...

I can do bad all by myself:

A relationship with a man should be a step forward, never one of staying in the same place or God forbid, going backwards...

Set rules from day one, a man only does what you allow him to do:
It is important to let your expectations be known early, imposing rules later never works...


If he meets you and you are 5 stars how can he treat you like 2 stars?

 Present yourself in the way you would like to be treated.

The man needs to take the initiative:

Sigh, what is more unattractive than a man who cannot lead?

Respect is a must:

Respect yourself and demand respect, plain and simple...

No lying, there is no such thing as “the little white lie”. Trust is very important!

Do not accept lies, nothing good happens from there on...

If a man I meet is not someone I can expect to do the above then unfortunately, he is not the man for me.



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Good one Marlo

cosign !

Love this, thank you!!

I couldn't agree more with these points!!!

"Set rules from day one, a man only does what you allow him to do.....
If he meets you and you are 5 stars how can he treat you like 2 stars?
Present yourself in the way you would like to be treated."

Yes, yes, yes!!! I tell my girlfriends this all the time, esp. the ones who say they really want to be married, but continue to allow themselves to be the jump-off or just a "friends with benefits" rather than a girlfriend. If you act like a wife you will be treated like a wife, and that will manifest and you'll become one. When i was dating i always carried myself in a very ladylike, traditional manner, and i never had problem finding guys who treated me the same. So when i hear girls saying "chivalry is dead" etc, i just shake my head because i know it's not. We get back what we put out..... A guy isnt gonna treat you that way if he knows he doesnt have to.

Marlo darling...I love you. Just came across your blog and have been reading it all day. i admire you from your roots to the lady you have become. You inspire so many of us and I want to encourage you to keep doing you. Oh and your glowing skin...pls share some of your secrets with me. I d love to have a nice complexion like you and other sisters can use some tips ...

Thank you Luloo! Maybe I should do a blog about skin care tips...


I agree! We share the same b-day. And I know full-well, I wouldn't let anyone allow me to feel 'some kind of way' regarding how I conduct my grown-lady life. As long as it's not hurting them--EFF THEM!..and "their" ego/opinion.

What you give back to your family and the girls in Foster Care speaks volumes to your substance!
We mad that Bravo didn't bring you back for Season 5. I wonder if that drag-queen W. Williams have just that much influence on Andy! Andy say it ain't so!
Yo, Marlo peep Williams interviews with Draya, Omarosa [that 1st one], what she said about Lisa Wu [how she should leave the show]... I think that Cancerian rhythmless Talkative Tree have strong aspects [T squares] in her natal chart to the Water Bearer. The only female one {WB} whose bra strap she's on is Oprah. Lol... Foreal, it has to be astro-science, cause you ain't never wronged that DQ, why all the arbitrary hate? She brings you up b4 they do. Like u on her mind, or something. Lol... See my monthly column over at abiolatvdotcom

Cadillac Kimberly's vlog #18. brought me {inspired} over here to visit your blog. CK seems to really like you--we do too.

You, Chris Rock, Kid Capri, Ashton Kushner, Garth Brooks, should form a "Feb. 7th Humanitarian Club" to help other Feb 7th's on their career path...spiritual journey, etc. It'll be an elevated idea and POWERFUL actuality!

Let me glide...


GYT <3

Love u marlo!xxox

love it Marlo, you should write a book

Marlo, I miss you on RHOA!!!! Funny, you made such an impression in one season. Somehow, I dont miss any of the other ones that have been asked to leave or left on their own accord at all. You are a class act! Your points are soooooo true. In my twenties I must admit I didn't always adhere to these things, but now that I am in my thirties I use these and a couple more! If a man doesn't meet my standards, I don't care at all he is just simply not good enough for me. Point blank, period. What the last man won't do, the next man will. With all that being said can you post some tips on the best places to meet successful, eligible men?

This was right on time Marlo! Me and my best friend just had this conversation!!!

We miss you on RHOA too! ;)

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