I work hard for my money!

I know Divas and Divos, my Marlo Mondays post is late, but better late than never right?

This week's topic is "How do I get my money?"

First, let me say that this is the question posed to me most frequently and it is without a doubt the most rude and inappropriate query I receive. It's asked by fans, foes, haters and... because inquiring minds feel they have a right to know.

If I have my way, this will be the last and final time I have to address this subject and hopefully we'll put this subject to rest.

Here are several little known facts about Miss Marlo:

1.  I am not only a convicted felon. I am also a college graduate of the University of South Florida.

2. I was the owner of a successful boutique for 5 years.

3. I've been a private stylist for longer than that (and yes, I have references).

4. As a reality personality, I am booked for event appearances all the time and yes, they do pay well.

5. I was in a long term relationship with a billionaire who thankfully taught me well about how to make money and more importantly, how to keep it!

Now, before you judge me about my past relationship, I am grateful for his generosity and the knowledge he shared so a diva could stand on her own if and when the time came.

Understand, I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. And ya'll know this diva loves beautiful, expensive things. But... I also know how to stretch a dollar and find a bargain. I can make a Walmart dress and Payless shoes look like Haute Couture!

I never hate on anyone else's fortune, so I hope I can just live in peace from this point forward. The diva works HARD for her money! You get yours because I'm going to keep working to get mine.

Til next week!




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Well I'm glad u set people straight about that cause I too always thought that question of hoe u made your money was rather rude to be asking someone.

I meant how you made your money, not (hoe)...sorry

Hello Ms. Diva,

Ms Marlo...Respect Ma'am. Remember, most are afraid of the unknown. For it's Easy & Simple to Condemn than to sort thru mess and derive at Positivity. "Be not afraid of Me, I am Love & Peace packaged in Complexity". B ANGIEB Dallas, Tx

I happened upon this blog and I LOVE it! I like that you are a college graduate and I have do much respect for ANYONE who knows how to work a $9 Walmart dress along with a $3,000 designer one! Good for you!


Although it did not need to be said i hope they CATCH! Marlo Fans have always known the Fierce Marlo Truth!

You didn't have to explain yourself do you and let others to theirs as you stated you work just as the next woman cause at the end of day people don't ever talk or inquire about postive things you are or may have done only want to hear negative I stand by this What God Have For You Is For You and can't no one take it it's already written so all of you ladies need to keep that in mind when arguing on social media networks everyone need to make it right with one another.

I adore you!

Well stated all notes taken. We have much in Common ty Marlo

Ok.....why do you feel the need to explain that? Really is it anyone's business? I believe anything wether it's good or bad it will eventually come out. So living your life as an open book is good enough. If they aren't paying your bills don't explain.

Ms Marlo you are so real.. You keep it up front and on the level. I love you for you and only met you on my tv.. Keep up the good work and let the haters do what they do best..HATE ON REALNESS....
Love you girl

Love it...enough said!

Since this is suppose to be an interactive blog (we can ask questions according to the previous blog), I would like to know how you got, keep and maintain ur figure .

I lover your style and tast.

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