Reveal, refresh and renew!

Reveal, refresh and renew the power within – then do it for others…

 Divas and Divos, you know what day it is, but I’m not spilling tea. Dropping jewels, (of wisdom) is more like it.

 Yesterday, I hosted an event that is very close to my heart. It was Glam It Up time for about 20 girls under the care of Georgia’s Department of Youth and Family Services. In other words, these beautiful future divas are currently in foster care – (now you see my connection) and this day of glam was just for them. I know firsthand how low your spirit and self-esteem can be while your life and family are in flux. So I created Glam It Up to give girls something to remind them that they’re beautiful and valued no matter what life was throwing at them.

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 Joining me in this effort was Yuvondrea Tremble, Stacie Conliffe and the awesome team who worked with them from the National Youth Advocate Program in Augusta, GA. They did their thing and produced a top notch event to give the ladies a day they will never forget. Kudos to each and every one of you who helped us make this day “do what it do” to bring smiles to our ladies of honor.

 Our theme was Refresh, Reveal and Renew You. It was held at the Columbia County Exhibition Center and co-hosted by a long list of vendors and professionals who generously donated their time and services to help make the event a huge success. Everyone from the hair stylists, make-up artists, DJ and photographer to the caterers, servers, speakers and volunteers gave their all, expecting nothing in return. But if they feel like me, I’m sure they got far more than they gave. I also can’t forget to mention my girl Kia Burgess, who lent a hand and her heart to the cause and helps me whenever I need her.

 I created Glam It Up in 2011 to help young girls build their self-esteem and teach them the fundamentals of life that go overlooked when you are growing up amidst such turmoil. Glam It Up is a resource where the ladies can ask questions, be inspired, learn, dream, and realize that no matter where they are today, there is bright tomorrow. An amazing life awaits them if they believe and discover that their best resource lies within.

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 So we made every moment count yesterday! Between manis and pedis , hair and make-up, we turned up! Danced the Nae-Nae, heard inspiring words, laughed, hugged, made new friends and life long memories.  We left each other feeling renewed, refreshed and better than we came.

 I’m going to end with a quote from the beautiful angel, Ms. Maya Angelou… "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." I can only hope I lived up to her words yesterday by making the ladies feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

 Spread love Divas and Divos, it’s the greatest gift you can give.



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Such a beautiful person with a beautiful soul! I am always here to help of she ever needs a hand! !

Marlo, I, personally want to tell you how grateful we are as an agency for what you did for our girls on Sunday. To hear words such as, "I feel beautiful," "I feel like I've been in a beauty pageant," and "I'm special today," blew us all away. For one day, it wasn't about being in foster care or wondering where my forever family is, rather it was about getting pampered and feeling pretty. Your vision is awesome and so are you. It was great seeing a different portrayal of you. Thank you!!!

Ms. Marlo,
I have been struggling trying to decide whether should become a foster parent or not. Family members keep telling me that I should start to worry about myself and not worry about everyne else. After reading your blogs, I take it as a sign from God that I should go on and make a difference in innocent children's lives. Thank you soo much and thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences with those of us that really need it. I am a person that put God first, then family and then myself last.
reading your blogs have changed that for me. From now on it will be God first, Then myself and then family and friends. Thanks again Marlo.

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