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It’s Monday and that means it’s time for a new conversation just between us Divas and Divos!

Keep the topics and questions coming… You’re keeping me focused as I continue working on my hustle.

This week let’s talk about getting past your past… How many times have we all had to start over or wish we could press a “do over” button when we hit rock bottom? I don’t need to rehash all of the times this diva needed to start over, but I’m going to share some of my experiences to help you get through yours.

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When I was younger and dumber, (and yes I can admit that I was young and dumb) I made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions. From running with the wrong crowds to believing that I was owed something because I ended up in foster care. I was rebellious, disrespectful and selfish. However, no good came from any of that, only consequences that continue to haunt me to this day.

Because of my past, doors are not always open to me. Because I have a criminal record, opportunities are not always given to me. People who don’t even know me judge me for what I did decades ago and I have to keep reminding myself that I am not my past. Every day I succeed and put more distance between my current situation and my past, there is someone who refuses to let me forget it. It’s like I have to start over every time I wake up and that is discouraging some days but exhausting every day! Believe me.

So, when you have to start over, the best thing you can do is remember Who you are and Whose you are. (You are an amazing child of God!) Starting over isn’t the scariest part. It’s not knowing what will happen that feeds our fears most. Don’t worry about any of that… Just start over even if you have to do it afraid!

I had to start over every time I was moved to a new foster home, until Grandma Holmes kept me. I had to start over each time I was released from incarceration until I decided I was not going back so I wouldn’t have to be released again. I had to start over every time a relationship ended. And guess what? Start over I did with a new outlook. I now anticipate new experiences and I’m better because of it.

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My only advice when you’re faced with the daunting task of starting over is to just do it! You won’t know what you’re capable of doing until you’re willing to keep moving forward. Every great life experience has a starting point so wipe the dust off your shoulders, lift your head and don’t walk, strut into your next chapter like the divas and divos you are.

Marlo did it and so can you.



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THANK YOU. I really needed to read this today. I feel like this was sent from God,really!
I know exactly what you are saying......
I am totally starting over and my own FAMILY is hanging on to MY past.SMH .Ah well! I've relocated to the south and doin me!! :-)


Dear Marlo,
I'am an up and coming fashion designer and illustrator (Joel osteen taught me that you have to speak on it as if it already were;) Just yesterday I googled ya baby :) and got ya back story and thats how i found your blog. I immediately found you to be both intriguing and inspiring and visting the blog and reading your last post i now know that i was lead to it for a reason, because that was something i really needed to hear well read... (side note i like how i only really seen you on one episode of the show and still was bit by the bug) Okay na heres the deal im reaching out to you for some advice, I have big of dreams and goals of creating a billion dollar fashion empire, and using it as plat form to make the world a better place and a way to help other accomplish their goals while making plenty of coins :) ya dig lol (something like a male oprah in fashion) i want to make my money change the world but im not into the fame aspect of it all as an Aquarius man sometimes i just like to be left alone so i was wondering is it possible to create a fashion empire with out being the face of the company any advice you could give i would really appreciate and when you have raw talent but dont know what direction to go what is one to do??? sorry if this was long and drawn out girl. :)

Marlo this is exactly why I love you! You are an amazing example of perseverance and resilience. Your story inspires me. You are proud as you should be but you have never forgotten where you come from or used your circumstance as an excuse to fail or become stagnant. Thank you so much for being brave and honest in sharing your life with us.

I also to grew up in foster care. I'm now real grown and nothing comes easy for me in this self-centered world. What makes it even harder are the Haters that suppose to be my friends. Thank you for this post because it gave me hope in my starting over again journey. It's harder for people coming from foster care with no family or non - caring family, but you have to keep trying and that day will come. Being strong and persistent is very important. Even though I still struggle with my past I know my day in coming. I am not my past.

Denim Paris

Thank you so much for this post. I love you Marlo :-)

Marlo - I was reading your blogs and the one with reference to your plane ride to NYC was so funny. Like you I would not want food or drink, just off the plane safely without rodents. I had some fun experiences in NYC and riding planes but none of my stories could compare to your experience (which I hope I never have with respect to the rodent - mouse/rat).
Take care and I am happy you are achieving your dreams and everything else that makes you happy.

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