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Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos! What’s good wit ya?

This week I’m sharing my thoughts on the subject of relationships. Why? Because after too many conversations with friends and others who are worried about biological clocks, growing old alone, getting married, etc., I think it’s time we stop letting this pursuit of finding a husband, boyfriend, partner get in the way of being happy in the here and now.

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How many of us have bought into the fairytale of “happily ever after?” How many of us believe that if we don’t find a husband we have no future or self-worth? The devil is a liar! I’m not married and the truth is, I’m fine with that. When the right one comes along, I’ll be ready. However, I don’t have to settle for Mr. “Right Now” because I’m nervous that Mr. “Right” won’t ever show up. Don’t believe the hype of Instagram and Facebook! Every smiling couple is not living in romantic bliss. Trust me on that!

 Too many of us are beating ourselves up or even worse, compromising our standards because the world says we are incomplete without a husband and kids. Some are making bad decisions, hooking up with “OPP,” (Other People’s Property, (side eye), God will NOT bring you someone else’s husband, even if he says things are not working out!), “BWP,” (Brothers with Potential) or “CBB,” (Cute but Broke!) all in an effort to find a Prince. No, it’s not about the money, although no one wants a broke dude, and working with your man while he is on the come up is ok too, sometimes... But, if you do all the understanding, compromising and giving, you probably have not found the right one. He’s not looking for Mrs. Right, he’s looking for some help! Or worse, to replace his mama for a mama with benefits!

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As I get my grown woman on, I’ve found that I love coming home to me. I never lie to myself, cheat, or take me for granted. There is peace of mind in that. Stop worrying about what others think of you. Don’t let their opinions and expectations make a mold for you to fit into and stop apologizing for your flaws. We all have them. The beautiful diva that you think has it all together and is worshipped by all, might have ugly feet and a bad case of chronic halitosis! My point is, no matter how hot you think the next one is, no one is perfect. And yes others may seem special, but there is something special about you too. God gave us all gifts. Find out what yours is, and make it work for you.

Or better yet, let His will prevail over your life and watch everything else fall into place.  All I'm saying is this... Don’t let anyone determine your worth but you.

Marlo happy 8-4-14 (605x640) Til next week Divas and Divos. Smooches!



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Yes. Self-Discovery = Self-Mastery.

Spoken like the true 7 you are!

Thankhs. #5ofSpades all day!

Hi Marlo,

Watching you on RHOA, was not at all a good depiction of you...I came across your IG and I see that there is so much that I admire about you .i too grew up in foster care .and as a grown woman with a family I m different from a lot of other moms .i wish I could connect with you .your such an inspiration.

I can definitely agree with you on the "coming home to me". I'll be 42 next March and coming home has meant so much to me in the last few years. After battling breast cancer in 2011, I hold things so much more dear. Right now I am working on making my home a place I never want to leave!

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