It’s Your Day Divas and Divos!

Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos and today I’m highlighting you!

This week it’s not about me, it’s about me giving back to those who mean the most to me, my family and of course you guys. Been keeping a low profile lately, but I took time out to have tea this past Sunday with two of my favorite glam-it-up girls who are making moves and off to college! Whoo hoo, get it girls!

Glam it up girls (462x640)

Then, I plan to start shopping for back to school clothes and supplies for my nieces and nephews. After that I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the summer that is flying by don’t you think?

Marlo Nieces nephews

In the spirit of giving, I decided to flip the script a bit today and ask in my Wendy Williams voice, How You Doin?

Talk to me. What do you want to discuss? Give me some hot topics. What’s going on in your fashion world, clothes, interior design, make up, etc.? How do YOU glam it up? I’m dedicating this week’s blog to you, so send me pics of your fashionista selves… You all love how I put it together, now show me your style.

The top 5 pics will be featured on the blog and I’ll post the results tomorrow via blog, twitter and instagram! Don’t disappoint me, the clock starts now…




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