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Friends…. How many of us have them?

It’s Marlo Mondays Divas and Divos!  

I want your opinion on how do you define friendship? More importantly, how would you deal with “so-called friends,” who are only around for the flashing lights and popping bottles, but nowhere to be found when the isht hits the fan in your life? You know the ones with you smiling up in VIP, but side eyeing you on the low! This is on my mind, so help me out.

 I’m going to break down the categories of friends in my world… then tell me your situation.

There’s my ride or die crew who always have my back no matter what. These friends know and keep my secrets even when they’re mad at me because our bond is just that tight. And I call them true friends because even though I may not speak to them on a regular basis, when we do, it’s like we never missed a beat.

Then we have the next level, I’ll call them “friendly associates.” These are the cool people we hang out with but we never let get too close.

How about the ones who only give if there is something they can get in return.  The ones we barter with, for example, if you do xyz for me, I’ll do xyz for you.  We may exchange smiles and compliments, but at the end of the day there is no substance to this relationship beyond the “what’s in it for me” mentality. Ya’ll got some of them? I sure do!

Let me not forget the ultimate group of “fake-ass” friends." The gossip queens, aka haters, aka habitual liars, who always want to know what’s going on in your life, yet every detail they share from theirs is a bald-faced lie! Now I’m not grandstanding, we all tell lies sometimes and it’s always wrong. But, the fake-ass crew tell lies for no reason at all other than trying to portray themselves as far more fabulous than they are and they never really want to see you shine.

Truth is, there are a lot of “friend” categories, but rarely do any of the people trying to carry the title really deserve it. Say what you want about Ms. Marlo, I keep it 100 at all times. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. I’ll own up to it and move on. But what you won’t say is that I don’t keep it real with friends and associates. More importantly, if you’re someone I do call a friend, I won’t treat you like isht on my shoe. I’m not mad about one hand washing the other, that’s how it should be between real friends, so there is no problem with helping you, while you’re helping me. But a real friend would never hold anything they have done for you in the past over your head for eternity and, for real - for real, a fake friend will never do anything for you without the guarantee of receiving something greater in return.  Now catch that dirt!

My point divas and divos, watch who you call your friend!  If the people in your circle lie a lot, are all up in your relationship business, or are only there for the benefit of being in your entourage, let their asses go! Beware of people who are smiling in your face while plunging and twisting the dagger in your back. I’d rather have a small group of loyal friends than a gang of fake ones who don’t really give a damn about me... (and who I could care less about either). This is what was on my mind today. Talk to me!