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The Big 3-9

Hey, hey, hey, Divas and Divos!

How YOU doin? Ya’ll know I am always on Instagram and Twitter keeping you up to date on Marlo’s world, but I miss my blog and I hope you do too.

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I just took an awesome trip to Aspen, Colorado for my birthday and wanted to share the details with you divas and divos. Decided to blog because I need more space than Instagram or Twitter provides, so here we go...

Yes it's true, your girl is about to bid farewell to my dirty 30s. Just hit the big 3-9 and I am still fine! Lol! No, I am not afraid to share my age. It’s a blessing and I am looking forward to my freedom 40s.

Aspen open
Aspen is another check off my bucket list. I've always wanted to go skiing and didn’t break even one bone (but I did fall three times!). I had the cutest instructor on the slopes, her name was Candice and she knew what she was doing. More importantly, she knew how to teach and that made my time on the slopes even better.

Now, I don’t know how many of you have been to Aspen, truth is, there are not many of “us” there at all! But the people I met who live there or came to vacation were some of the nicest, friendliest people I have ever encountered. The customer service everywhere was the best I’ve ever had and so was the food!!!! And ya’ll know this diva loves to eat! Let me share some of my favorite places, just in case you decide to go…

For a great burger, truffle fries and an amazing view of the mountains, go to the Ajax Tavern.

I dined at Matsuhisa, a Japanese restaurant where Todd is the manager. Can I tell you that the yellow tail tuna with jalepeno peppers and soft shell crabs were to die for!

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I went to a bunch of great places, but on the last night of my trip I went to Cache Cache, one of the best spots in town. Marcello Ferriera is the owner who also introduced me to Chris Lancer and Nate King his chefs. On a side note, Marcello’s son is a winter Olympian who had just won a bronze medal in the X games. Dad must have been feeling extra proud because he and his staff rolled out the red carpet for my birthday celebration!

Everything they prepared for us was incredible and some generous person even took care of the bill!!! Happy birthday to me! My only frown came from eating my birthday cake. It was truly beautiful on the outside, but tasted absolutely awful. Two thumbs down to the pastry chef and bakery where it was prepared. Don't worry, I won't shout them out, because again everyone treated us so well. I just won't go back to that spot.

I also have to mention where I stayed, at the Little Nell Hotel.  It too was charming, with lot's of character and exceptional customer service!!!!! I give kudos to the entire team who made sure I wanted for nothing every minute of my stay. Thanks to everyone from housekeeping, the front desk, concierge and everyone in between. They were all amazing.

One night, my friend and I were invited to the exclusive Caribou club. It’s a private restaurant where membership is required to get in. Can I tell you that dinner and drinks for two was more than $400! This place was for high rollers, but again… the experience, the people and the service was unrivaled.

I did mention that even though there are only 26 of us “cousins” actually living in Aspen and I only saw 3 my whole trip (and two were employees!), but at all the clubs they only played our music!!! I mean they truly bounced to our Hip-Hop and R&B!!!! Crazy right? We got our two step on at Bootsy Bellows night club (which by the way was all black and gold inside. Two thumbs up to the designer), and were the only mocha bunnies in the whole place! But it didn't matter one bit. We had a better than great time with everyone.

  Black and gold (2)

Btw… for all you weed heads, it’s legal to possess and smoke there!!! Everybody was high. I was in 5 star restaurants and I could still smell weed.

Of course they have all the best shopping there and I must thank the stylists at Salon Tullio who did my hair and make-up. They did an amazing job and I even got to party with them all of them at my bday bash!

Aspen is like the bar at “Cheers” where everyone in town knows each other! It was a great experience and I will definitely go again.

Ok, remember how I said there were only a few of us “cousins” there? Well here is the funny thing that happened to me… One night I was out taking pics, a gentleman and his wife came over and said “I love tennis, I absolutely love it, can I take a pic with you?” They thought I was Venus or Serena! LOL! I didn’t tell them different but oh how I laughed for the rest of the night!

Well, now I’m back home, 39 and broke! Gotta get back to my grind. Aspen is for the rich and famous. I am aspiring to be both. Right now, this diva is ballin’ on a budget!!!

Til next time divas and divos…