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Taking the show on the road...

Hey, hey, hey Divas and Divos! Whatcha doin?

Miami open (800x800)

I’m down in Miami with my girl Kellee, soaking up some sun, attending my first tennis open and hoping to see her highness, Serena Williams beat somebody like they stole something! Yes, this diva is expanding her horizons and enjoying new experiences, you should too! You know what I liked most? The quiet anticipation of the game. I mean, other than the player’s grunts you could hear a pin drop on a pillow. The spectators are that quiet so they don’t break the player’s concentration, but the energy in the arena is just as energized as the power behind their backhands. Being the fashion diva I am I just wish they would have consulted me on their outfits. I would have blinged-out their tennis rackets and shorts with rhinestones – that would have really bedazzled a night game right? Lol! Ya’ll know me, I am thinking about fashion in my sleep!

  Tennis club w Kellee (800x592)

Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with Marlo’s world on Twitter and Instagram so you know Ms. Bailey, as in Cynthia Bailey and I hosted a very successful fashion seminar a couple weeks ago in the ATL. Actually, it was so successful that I’ve decided to take this show on the road!


I’ve been into clothes, shoes and accessories my whole life, so it never occurred to me that my style sense was a commodity that could be sold! Honestly, I just like pretty things, especially if they are sparkly! So if you love fashion too, but just don’t know how to pull together an eye catching outfit, let me help you. Be sure to check my website or Facebook page for dates of when I’ll be in your neck of the woods. The first seminar will be in New York City next month. I’ll be posting a schedule and registration information soon -- so stay tuned!


Speaking of fashion and helping others improve their fashion sense, I’m gearing up for my next Glam It Up event which I plan to host at home this year (in Florida), where I was raised in the foster care system.


In case you didn’t know, Glam It Up was created for young girls in the foster care system to remind them that they’re beautiful and valued no matter what life was throwing at them. I know first-hand what being in that environment can do to your self-esteem, so this is my favorite way to give back and I know it makes a huge difference in their lives, even if it’s just for the day. I can’t wait to meet this year’s group and see their transformations. Got any ideas for a theme? Last year we called it Refresh, Reveal and Renew You. Share your ideas, we may just use it and if so, I think I’ll do something special for the winner…


In the meantime divas and divos, thank you for always showing your girl love. I do appreciate it and never take any of you for granted. Ohhhhh I almost forgot, I have a special shout out to a diva who created a beautiful Pinterest tribute to me. Much love goes out to Nichelle Morgan! Diva, You Rock!!!! Thank you for everything and I’m sending love right back to you. To all of you!