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A week in the life...

I hope all of you enjoyed Independence Day!  I definitely enjoyed the days leading up to it!  Fun times in LA, wild times in Detroit....

Dinner at Mastro's, LA

Marlo-hampton-mastros-steakhouseB & M top, Versace skirt, heels by Louboutin

BET Awards, LA

Marlow+Hampton+2012+BET+Awards+Arrivals+rq2Wc0cWedolDress and heels by Givenchy


Party in Detroit with Derek J

Dress by Herve Leger

heels [not pictured], Louboutin.


Which of my looks did you guys like best?



When in Belgium, must see Paris...

We decided that since we were so close, it would be nice to spend some time in Paris.

First we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at L'Avenue on Avenue Montaigne. 

What is Paris if not the perfect setting for romance? 

What is more romantic than a suite with windows framing

the Eiffel Tower?

And how does one leave Paris, without a stop through

bliss, beauty and joy...


I shared with you a peak into my closely guarded closet.

You may have seen a hand bag or two,

maybe even a few pairs of shoes.

But a spell was cast over my closet

Valentino is its muse...


 Goodbye for now Paris, I'm sure we will see each other soon.

Get ready South Africa, are you guys coming along?!



Today's Black Woman

Today's Black Woman Magazine November 2011

Via Rob Ector Photography

Sorry I did not share this with you guys earlier.  This was from my photo shoot for Today's Black Woman Magazine.  Don't you love the color?  It's just as vibrant in person and with the fit, the fabric and the gorgeous lines, it's pretty stunning.  I have paired it with a lucite necklace and I would love it with some interesting bracelets like these on Page 4. Cover your eyes at those prices!  Then uncover them to see this dress in my Closet...



Style Me Prissy

Shop Marlo Hampton’s Closet – Gucci, Valentino, Christian Louboutin & More for LOW Prices!


She is beautiful, she has great style, she is a savvy business woman and she has been supportive of me in a way that makes me feel like I have made a new friend.  I imagine us taking in a show together one day, maybe Chanel!  For now, I want to thank Yakini of Style Me Prissy  for a lovely post on my Closet.  Sorry that the shoes don't fit!


Could it Be?

Marlo-Hampton-in-Gucci-Color-BlockGucci Spring 2011

Don't you love it, the beginning?  The early parts of a relationship, when it's new and unknown and every day is a revelation?  Did you see the look on my face, walking into the Bar One Party?  There is a calm that comes over you when you are with someone you care about and you feel safe with them.  When you've got your sexy dress on and you love being on his arm.  The beginning, when you want to support that person in what they do, nurture them, yelling at them to move away from the food so they can reach their fitness goals!  Were you laughing at that too?!  In the beginning, it feels just like,

You move me... I'm burning
Such passion I'm yearning
One thought keeps returning
Could it be... I'm in love?

~Minnie Ripperton

I like the beginning, it's what comes after that I sometimes don't like...You'll find the dress in my closet, waiting for one of you to wear it for someone worthy.

I know I have not yet answered your question.  Who is Marlo Hampton?  I promise that I will, if you promise to stay with me.  If you promise to be patient, I will reveal many things to you.  Like the fear of seeing yourself in a way you never have before.  Sleepless nights over not always being the best that you can be.  I wonder what you thought about it, what did you see that I could not see?  What would you like to see?