Reveal, refresh and renew!

Reveal, refresh and renew the power within – then do it for others…

 Divas and Divos, you know what day it is, but I’m not spilling tea. Dropping jewels, (of wisdom) is more like it.

 Yesterday, I hosted an event that is very close to my heart. It was Glam It Up time for about 20 girls under the care of Georgia’s Department of Youth and Family Services. In other words, these beautiful future divas are currently in foster care – (now you see my connection) and this day of glam was just for them. I know firsthand how low your spirit and self-esteem can be while your life and family are in flux. So I created Glam It Up to give girls something to remind them that they’re beautiful and valued no matter what life was throwing at them.

Photo 3

 Joining me in this effort was Yuvondrea Tremble, Stacie Conliffe and the awesome team who worked with them from the National Youth Advocate Program in Augusta, GA. They did their thing and produced a top notch event to give the ladies a day they will never forget. Kudos to each and every one of you who helped us make this day “do what it do” to bring smiles to our ladies of honor.

 Our theme was Refresh, Reveal and Renew You. It was held at the Columbia County Exhibition Center and co-hosted by a long list of vendors and professionals who generously donated their time and services to help make the event a huge success. Everyone from the hair stylists, make-up artists, DJ and photographer to the caterers, servers, speakers and volunteers gave their all, expecting nothing in return. But if they feel like me, I’m sure they got far more than they gave. I also can’t forget to mention my girl Kia Burgess, who lent a hand and her heart to the cause and helps me whenever I need her.

 I created Glam It Up in 2011 to help young girls build their self-esteem and teach them the fundamentals of life that go overlooked when you are growing up amidst such turmoil. Glam It Up is a resource where the ladies can ask questions, be inspired, learn, dream, and realize that no matter where they are today, there is bright tomorrow. An amazing life awaits them if they believe and discover that their best resource lies within.

Photo 4-1

 So we made every moment count yesterday! Between manis and pedis , hair and make-up, we turned up! Danced the Nae-Nae, heard inspiring words, laughed, hugged, made new friends and life long memories.  We left each other feeling renewed, refreshed and better than we came.

 I’m going to end with a quote from the beautiful angel, Ms. Maya Angelou… "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." I can only hope I lived up to her words yesterday by making the ladies feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

 Spread love Divas and Divos, it’s the greatest gift you can give.



Marlo Monday's: Fitness, Mind, Body & Spirit

Marlo Mondays in effect Divas & Divos! Let’s have a little fun with the question this week okay???

A diva asked, “How I stay in shape?” Well, fitness is not just about the body. I’m a southern girl and we are thick! Where I’m from, you need a little junk in your trunk if you want to keep your boo! Lol… But I have a little advice for ya’ll, if you want to live a long, full and active life. We gotta watch what we say, make sure you don’t forget to give thanks when we pray and remember you are what you eat!

Marlo Hampton Blog Image 1

Yes, this girl loves some cornbread, mac & cheese and fried, (insert some food that had parents! Lol) but I learned that everything in moderation is best. The same holds true for your mind. If your mind has no peace, neither does anything else in your life. So, we have to filter the stress – keep it in moderation. Life is going to happen to all of us, and some days will be harder than others, but if we keep the faith and live each day filled with gratitude, no matter how bad your situation looks, (and ya’ll know this girl had many days of bad situations) we will be physically and mentally fit.

Marlo HamptonBlog Image 2

I learned a long time ago, divas and divos that my body is a temple, if I take care of it, it will take care of me. I eat better than I used to, I juice a lot and I am a beast in the gym, on the treadmill, doing resistance training, on the elliptical machine, taking classes. I fully utilize my gym membership and when I’m feeling lazy, I get some help in the form of a trainer. However, the most important workout in my life is the effort it takes to put God first. I don’t have a miracle tip or new fad to share with you. A great body takes work, commitment, patience and faith. That’s how I do it, and I promise you – you can too!

Be confident.



Marlo Monday's! How do you believe in yourself when others don’t?

Hey Divas and Divos!

It’s time for Marlo Mondays and today we’re going deep! I told you that I’ll be using my blog as a platform to talk about anything and everything, including the topics and ideas you all send me. Ya’ll have some interesting things you want to talk about, but as long as it’s not too inappropriate, (you know I have to keep it clean for my little “Glam girls”) I’m game! This week I’m going to answer another question that I get all the time. Fortunately, this one isn’t rude and I think my answer may help somebody who’s in or has been in my same situation. So, here goes… A diva sent me this question:

How do you believe in yourself when others don’t?   How do you stay true to who you are?

That’s a good one. The truth is, we all have insecurities that mess with our self-esteem and self-worth. I’ve shared my history of being a felon (although that debt was paid a long time ago), being abused as a child, being in foster care, dealing with a mother who was a substance abuser which ultimately led to foster care for me and my siblings. I shared it, so that these blemishes won’t forever be my shame.

During the time when I was being shuttled from one house to the next, feeling like no one wanted me, I had to find something to embrace to give my life worth and value. Something that was truly special about me. I chose fashion. Not only did I choose to find my beauty in beautiful things, especially clothes, I used it to protect myself from the stigmas associated with incarceration, or being in foster care. I used it to make myself valuable to myself and others. I used it to soothe my pain because it was something I was good at and at least I had this platform to stand on when those around me said I was worthless.

Then, God blessed me with a foster grandmother who showed me love. I can never thank you enough Arrie Holmes and I'll love you forever! She gave me real love and acceptance by making sure I was no longer an unwanted child, shuttled from foster home to foster home. She told me how much God loves me and her belief in me became my belief in me. She also helped me understand that the opinions of others should not be the ruler I use to measure my self-worth. Those who sought to destroy me did not create me, so they had no power over me. She helped me understand that truth so it’s that spirit ya’ll saw on the RHOA or the I Dream of NeNe Wedding show and it’s who I am. I now know my worth and refuse to let anyone compromise how I feel about me ever again. And yes, I have my low days when I’m not this tower of confidence just like everyone else. But then I remember who I am and whose I am, (a child of God) so my haters can't use my past indiscretions, mistakes or consequences against me. That’s how I keep my head up. I believe God created me to be and do great things, so if nobody believes in me, I know He does and no other opinion matters. That’s how I believe in myself and that’s how I keep it real every day, all day. That’s also why I don’t forget where I came from. My past experiences helped shape who I am now, and I am above no one. I’m getting my hustle on just like you divas and divos and I never ever forget that.

We are all created for a great purpose no matter what we’ve done or how many times we have failed. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

I hope this answers the question.



I work hard for my money!

I know Divas and Divos, my Marlo Mondays post is late, but better late than never right?

This week's topic is "How do I get my money?"

First, let me say that this is the question posed to me most frequently and it is without a doubt the most rude and inappropriate query I receive. It's asked by fans, foes, haters and... because inquiring minds feel they have a right to know.

If I have my way, this will be the last and final time I have to address this subject and hopefully we'll put this subject to rest.

Here are several little known facts about Miss Marlo:

1.  I am not only a convicted felon. I am also a college graduate of the University of South Florida.

2. I was the owner of a successful boutique for 5 years.

3. I've been a private stylist for longer than that (and yes, I have references).

4. As a reality personality, I am booked for event appearances all the time and yes, they do pay well.

5. I was in a long term relationship with a billionaire who thankfully taught me well about how to make money and more importantly, how to keep it!

Now, before you judge me about my past relationship, I am grateful for his generosity and the knowledge he shared so a diva could stand on her own if and when the time came.

Understand, I'm not rich by any stretch of the imagination. And ya'll know this diva loves beautiful, expensive things. But... I also know how to stretch a dollar and find a bargain. I can make a Walmart dress and Payless shoes look like Haute Couture!

I never hate on anyone else's fortune, so I hope I can just live in peace from this point forward. The diva works HARD for her money! You get yours because I'm going to keep working to get mine.

Til next week!




Hey Divas and Divos!!!!!

Happy Sunday. I hope you all haven't forgotten your girl. Just getting my grind on and that's werk. Just want to let you know that starting tomorrow I'll be posting a new weekly blog I'm calling, "Marlo Mondays." I'm going to use this platform to talk about whatever is on my mind, the good, bad and ugly. And, I want to hear from YOU too. Let me know what you want to talk about. No topic is off limits, but please keep it classy. Ya'll know I'm still a work in progress and I'm trying to stay on the high road.

Speaking of high roads, have you watched the latest reunion shows? Shade, shade and more shade. The term "friend" seems to have a whole new definition and is "Pink" the new color of "shade?" I'm just asking.

Well, just wanted to give you a heads up. Your girl is baaaaaaack!

Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Love ya'll for life!




I gotta "werk!"

Happy Friday Divas and Divos!

Yes, I've been MIA for a little bit, but this diva is WERKING! I do have more to share and will definitely keep you in the loop. Just let me take a breath, and I'll be back.

Cherish the day. Give love and give thanks... remember, tomorrow isn't promised to any of us!





I am speechless Divas and Divos! Thank you for your love and support. It's not easy accept correction. It's even harder to correct yourself. Just moving forward, one day and one step at a time... Muah!



Divas and Divos...

I realize how we women sometimes tear each other apart in anger when in truth we're really just feeling hurt or betrayed. But that's not the woman I want to be.

I don't want to be a Diva who seeks to destroy another with words or "reads," while the crowds cheer on our bloodsport ratchetness. No one wins, except the ratings of course! Believe me, I'm not mad about that, (no ratings, no show!) I just think we have more to offer. Don't you agree?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not backing down, giving up or punking out. Trust and believe, I will NOT be Bullied at anytime by anyone!

I'll always stand up to those who try to knock me down, dig up my past or throw shade on my name and I encourage all my Divas and Divos in training to do the same. At the same time, I don't want to BE a bully either. It's not cute, or in fashion. It won't raise my star power and surely won't increase my bank account!

The truth is... I love it when women, especially black women, overcome obstacles to succeed despite all the challenges we face. Everyday I'm striving to be like the women I admire. Beautiful, accomplished, intelligent, yet flawed women who make mistakes, fall down, hit rock bottom - only to prove that like a phoenix, they can and will rise again from the ashes.

I can't fake hurt or anger because I'm human and I'm always going to be real. When I care for someone, I'm doing so without any ulterior motives. And, while being betrayed by family or friend can take you "there," retaliating with an equally inappropriate verbal or physical assault can never be justified. So I'm checking myself.

Whether I want to be or not, I am a role model to my glam it up girls, nieces, goddaughters and other young women who are watching and imitating my behavior. I need to do better. I can't promise you I'll turn the other cheek if I'm slapped, (don't suggest anyone try me, I'm not there yet) but be patient ya'll, God is still working on me!

So... I apologize for my part in this shameful drama that reinforces stereotypes about who we are as black women. And pray that one day we'll realize nobody wins when even one of us loses.

To all the RHOA/Bridesmaids I have offended: Phaedra, Kandi, Kim, Sheree, Diana, Pat and NeNe, I apologize. We may never be friends or see eye to eye on anything, (and I'm cool with that!) however, I don't need to tear you down to build myself up. I know who I am - The Diva, Marlo Patrice Hampton and I am the spotlight, but so are you. Let's all bask in it. God made sure there would be enough shine for all of us.




Chinese Proverb: Beware of people throwing shade while wearing bad toupees!

Divas and Divos, I’m doing my best to be the one to take the high road, but these last few weeks have been filled with lots of shade and haterade from people promoting products from Donald Trump’s hair emporium!

Marlo and NeNe

Say what you will about me, but I’m always going to be real. I’m always going to be that Woman who will come straight from the heart with no chaser and no BS. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, flawless or without regrets. Who is? Definitely not the fake bleached blond with the bold ambitions! She talks about my past incarcerations, her past includes pole sliding, lap dancing, lights, cameras and action! Which one of us is worse? Both of us have come a long way since then haven’t we? Good thing we took advantage of “opportunities.”

I’ll never forget where I came from. It’s what keeps me grinding towards a future of bigger and better things. That’s why I became so emotional when confronting the drag queen impersonator. When I went to speak to her I genuinely wanted to express my disappointment that I hadn’t been asked to join her team with the other bridesmaids. That really hurt me. But in order to get past it, I wanted to initiate a truce. Sometimes friends have disagreements, and then they forgive and forget. I have said many times I looked up to her like a big sister and valued our relationship, so I wanted to break the ice, kiss and make up. However, when the water was thrown at me, along with the nasty attitude, I wasn’t having it! I didn’t need to kiss her a$$ because she didn’t bring me up. When she met me at my boutique I was already that girl who styled her, (on a budget) for season 2. And at the time, she was on team I.O.U, NOT team Rich!

I didn’t become a stylist yesterday. I’ve been a fashion trendsetter since I was mini Marlo and if it wasn’t for me, she’d still be rocking Dots jeans with Payless boots! No disrespect to the brands or those who wear them, but neither is known for their couture lines. I put her on and stepped her fashion game up. You’re welcomed! Why do you think she hired me to be the creative director for the wedding?

Marlo orig #1

Imitation is the highest form of flattery! (Photo credits: http://straightfromthea.com/gallery)

What person who is really secure about who she is feels the need to dictate what others can and can’t do if they are her friends? I didn’t sign the friend contract that said I agreed to be anybody’s possession. I guess Kenya, Kim and Sheree didn’t either. If she really believed she was in the spotlight, then why worry about others trying to steal her shine! Truly confident people never waste time or energy worrying about the next person on the come-up. The same way really rich people NEVER speak on their wealth and they definitely don’t silkscreen it in rhinestones across their chest! That’s what “new money” with no class does because they are faking the funk in the social circles of the well-to-do.

For the record, Ms. Marlo doesn’t wear knockoff designers or faux fur. In other words, I don’t like fake things or fake folks! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Real friends have ups and downs, but if they are “real,” then nothing and no one will be able to come between them. NeNe calls herself a “loyal” friend? I wonder if any of her other “ex” friends would agree with her on that. Doubt it! Even some of the friends on “Team Rich” see her in a different light because now they know her loyalty was a one way street and the only person benefitting from it was her!

Donald's toupee

I heard she wants nothing else to do with me, but because I’m against toupee abuse, I’m still willing to hook her up with Lawrence, Dawn or Kemya, three of ATL’s top hairstylist so she can free that small furry animal on her head. My people are on speed dial, just holla at ya girl! That’s what friends are for… Bloop!


Thank you!

To all my Divas and Divos, those new to Team Marlo and especially my ride or die crew. I just want to thank ya'll for the love you're showing your girl! I'm sorry if I can't reply to each post. I read them all, even those chock full of haterade, (luv u 2). I respect everyone's right to their opinion, continue to do you. (No shade, no side eye...)

Marlo alone

Just know, I appreciate you all. Love you to life! Muah!